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  • ACE Demonstration Project

    Demonstration Project The first of several interactive and participatory exhibits arrived at the museum on 6 February 2003. After assembly and testing they became the cornerstone of an in-house demonstration project to test the feasibility and audience response to the idea of creating a fully-fledged Aerospace Center for Education facility on the
  • ACE Educational Objectives

    Educational Objectives A team of Utah educators documented the ACE educational requirements. These requirements correlate directly with the Utah Science Education Core Curriculum. This direct correlation furthers understanding and interest in aerospace-related sciences currently taught in Utah schools. The complexity of all exhibits and activities
  • ACE Facilities

    Facilities The finished ACE facility will consist of at least 15,000 square feet on the grounds of the museum. The construction of the building will allow for future expansion and enhancement. The specific space allocations of the ACE will be as follows: Aerospace Science Sections - This is the heart of the ACE containing approximately 30 exhibits.
  • ACE Mission

    Aerospace Center for Education (ACE) The mission of the Aerospace Center for Education is to strengthen America's youth by promoting interest in aerospace science, thereby enabling the United States Air Force and our Nation to continue leading the world in aerospace technology and national defense. Science is classified as an "elective subject" for
  • ACE Sustainability

    Sustainability All ACE exhibits were evaluated to ensure maximum sustainability at the lowest possible cost. Only exhibits with a demonstrated or predicted reliability and durability record were selected. Maintenance requirements as well as general supervision requirements were kept to a minimum. A supply of spare parts and maintenenace materials
  • Aeromedical Services

    Flight Medicine Flight 75 AMDS/SGPF 7321 11th Street, Bldg 570 Phone Number: 777-4710 Flight Med Services Hours of Operation & Appointments Flyer Sick Call Walk-In Monday-Thursday:  7-8 a.m. Friday:  10-11 a.m. Monday-Friday:  1-1:30 p.m. Call 777-4710 Dependents of Flyers/others Call for an appointment. Call 728-2600 Clearances for TDY & PCS,
  • Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah

    The Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1982. The mission of the Foundation is to provide capital support for Hill Aerospace Museum for facility improvement and expansion, and for those projects for which USAF funding is not available. Today the Foundation continues to provide support for the
  • Air Force Life Cycle Management (Hill AFB site)

    The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, serves as a forward operating location for total life cycle management of multiple weapon systems and support services and reports to AFLCMC headquarters at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.
  • Civilian Health Promotion Services

    Civilian Health Promotion Services (CHPS) is a program providing free resources to help individuals maintain and improve their health and well-being. CHPS services are available to AFMC Appropriated Fund Civilians. Active Duty, NAF Civilians, and Contractors are not eligible for screenings. Also, family members of AFMC Civilians are not
  • Design Engineering Support Program - OASIS (DESP-OASIS)

    DESP-OASIS replaces DESP III as a streamlined ordering procedure and contract vehicle for Engineering Services orders. DESP-OASIS offers streamlined ordering procedures to access the GSA OASIS contract vehicle.