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  • "Paveway III" Laser-Guided Penetrator Weapon

    Raytheon/Texas Instruments GBU-24/B "Paveway III" Laser-Guided Penetrator Weapon The GBU-24 "Paveway III" bomb was a combination of a general-purpose bomb and laser guidance components to make a laser-guided weapon. The Paveway consisted of the guidance control unit, an adapter group, and an airfoil group. These additions to the bomb enabled it to
  • "Peacekeeper" ICBM

    Martin Marietta LGM-118A "Peacekeeper" ICBM Propulsion:  First Stage: Thiokol solid-fuel rocket motor; 500,000 lbs thrust; Second Stage:   Aerojet solid-fuel rocket motor; Third Stage:   Hercules solid-fuel rocket motor; Post-Boost Stage:   Rocketdyne liquid-fuel rocket motor Diameter:   7 ft 8 in Length:   71 ft 0 in Weight:   195,000 lbs (at
  • "Quail" Aerial Decoy

    McDonnell ADM-20C-40-MC "Quail" Aerial Decoy S/N 61-633 Crew:  None Engine:   One General Electric J85-GE-7 turbojet; 2,450 lbs thrust Wingspan:   5 ft 4.5 in (wings unfolded) Length:   12 ft 10.6 in Height:   3 ft 3.5 in (wings unfolded) Weight:   1,198 lbs Speed:   0.85 mach at 50,000 ft; 0.8 mach (650 mph) at 35,000 ft Range:   460 nautical
  • "Rockeye II" Cluster Bomb

    Marquardt CBU Mark 20 "Rockeye II" Cluster Bomb The CBU Mark 20 Rockeye II was an antitank cluster bomb that dispensed 247 shaped-charge bomblets. This unguided free-fall weapon was developed by the U.S. Naval Weapons Center in 1963 and was produced in 1967. Weighing close to 500 pounds, the CBU Mark 20 was delivered by aircraft to the target area
  • "Sidewinder" Air-to-Air Missile

    Raytheon AIM-9 "Sidewinder" Air-to-Air Missile Propulsion:  Hercules and Bernite Mk 36 Mod 71, 8 solid propellant rocket motor Wingspan:   2 ft 3/4 in Length:   9 ft 5 in Weight:   190 lbs Speed:   Mach 2 Range:   1-2 miles Armament:   Annular blast fragmentation warhead Cost:   $84,000 Originally developed by the U.S. Navy, the AIM-9 Sidewinder
  • "Skymaster"

    Douglas C-54G-1-DO "Skymaster" S/N 45-0502 Crew:  Six Engines:  Four Pratt & Whitney R-2000-9; 1,450 hp each Wingspan:  117 ft 6 in Length:  93 ft 10 in Height:  27 ft 6 in Weight:  38,930 empty; 62,000 lbs normal load; 73,000 lbs maximum Speed:  190 mph cruise; 275 mph max Range:  3,900 miles at 190 mph at 10,000 ft Ceiling:  22,300 ft Armament: 
  • "Skyraider"

    Douglas A-1E "Skyraider" S/N 52-0247 Crew:  One Engine:  One Wright R-3350 "Cyclone" reciprocating; 2,700 hp Wingspan:  50 ft 1/4 in Length:  40 ft 0 in Height:  15 ft 9 5/8 in Weight:  max: 24,872 lbs Speed:  max: 325 mph; cruise: 240 mph Range:  1,500 miles Service Ceiling:  26,200 ft Armament:  Four 20mm cannons; assortment of bombs, rockets,
  • "Skytrain"

    Douglas VC-47D-15-DK "Skytrain" S/N 43-49281 Crew:  Three to Five Engine:  Two Pratt & Whitney R-1830-90C Twin Wasp radials; 1,200 hp each Wingspan:  95 ft 6 in Length:  63 ft 9 in Height:  17 ft 0 in Weight:  17,865 empty; 31,000 lbs loaded Speed:  cruise: 185 mph; max: 230 mph Range:  1,500 miles Ceiling:  26,400 ft Armament:  None Cost:  $88,574
  • "Snakeye" Bomb Fin Assembly

    MAU-91 "Snakeye" Bomb Fin Assembly The MAU-91 "Snakeye" bomb fin assembly is used with both the 750-pound M117 and 1,000-pound Mk 83 low-drag general purpose bombs to retard, or slow, their fall. This allows the bombs to be delivered at high speed from low altitude without the danger of damaging the delivery aircraft from ricocheting bombs or
  • "Sparrow" Air-to-Air Missile

    Raytheon AIM-7 "Sparrow" Air-to-Air Missile Propulsion:   Hercules MK-58 solid-propellant rocket motor Wingspan:   3 ft 4 in Length:   12 ft /0 in Weight:   500 lbs Speed:   Classified Range:   About 30 nautical miles Armament:   Annular blast fragmentation warhead Cost:   Approximately $125,000 The AIM-7 Sparrow is a radar-guided, supersonic,