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  • Nancy Love

    Nancy Harkness Love (1914-1976) Nancy Love learned to fly when she was only sixteen years old. She received her commercial pilot's license in 1933 and was hired by the Bureau of Air Commerce as one of a group of three women pilots assigned to mark principal cities across the United States to better facilitate aerial navigation. In 1940, as the Army
  • NC-130B "Hercules

    Lockheed NC-130B "Hercules" S/N 57-0526 Crew:   Five Engines:   Four Allison T56-A-7 turboprops; 4,050 hp each Wingspan:   132 ft 7 in Length:   97 ft 9 in Height:   38 ft 3 in Weight:   empty: 72,892 lbs; gross: 135,000 lbs; max: 175,000 lbs Speed:   cruise: 328 mph; max: 384 mph Range:   2,090 miles Service Ceiling:   41,300 ft Armament:   None
  • North American Rockwell OV-10A "Bronco"

    OV-10A "Bronco"S/N 67-14675Crew:   One Engines:   Two Garrett-AiResearch T76-G turboprops; 715 shp each Wingspan:   40 ft 0 in Length:   41 ft 7 in Height:   15 ft 1 in Weight:   Empty: 7,190 lbs; max take-off: 14,444 lbs Speed:   max: 281 mph ; cruise: 223 mph Range:   1,240 miles Ceiling:   26,000 ft Armament:   Centerline station for 20 mm gun
  • Northrop XSM-62A Snark

    S/N 53-8183 Crew:   None Propulsion:   One Pratt & Whitney J57-P-17 turbojet engine; 2 Aerojet General solid-fuel booster rocketsWingspan:   42 ft 0 in Length:   69 ft 0 in Height:   15 ft 0 in Weight:   60,000 lbs (at launch) Speed:   max: 650 mph The Ogden Air Materiel Area at Hill AFB was assigned prime maintenance and supply responsibilities