Noise Complaints

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As a matter of policy, Hill AFB seeks to efficiently and effectively respond to and address aircraft noise complaints and inquiries from the public in a clear, consistent, and repeatable manner that is responsive and applies the best use of Air Force resources. For more information, click the graphic above.

Indoor Air Sampling

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Since 2001, Hill has tested the air in more than 3,000 locations in communities surrounding the base affected by groundwater contamination. Less than 10 percent of homes and businesses tested have had vapor levels above an action level. For more information about indoor air sampling, click the graphic above.


Air Installations Compatible Use Zones is a program concerning people, safety, and protection. The AICUZ Program is an extensive analysis of the effects of aircraft noise, aircraft accident potential, and land use development upon present and future neighbors of Hill AFB. For more information about AICUZ, click the graphic above.


Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are a large class of chemicals found in many consumer products, as well as in industrial products such as certain firefighting agents called aqueous film forming foam. PFAS is also found in essential use applications such as in microelectronics, batteries and medical equipment.

Air Force PFAS Resources

Administrative Record

Hill AFB’s environmental cleanup documents are available for review online at https://ar.afcec-cloud.af.mil. The Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) Administrative Record website provides a way for the public to search and review documents regarding the environmental cleanup and sampling conducted at Hill AFB. Click here for a guide on how to search the Administrative Record website. 

Points of Contact

75th ABW Public Affairs
Barbara Fisher
(801) 775-3652

Peifen Tamashiro

IAP Managers
Mark Roginske
(801) 775-3651

Julie McNeill
(801) 586-2194

US EPA Region 8
Sandra Bourgeois
(303) 312-6666
(800) 227-8917 ext. 312-6666

Rachel Puttmann
(303) 312-7097
(800) 227-8917 ext. 312-7097

Utah Department of Environmental Quality
Craig Barnitz (Project Manager)
(801) 558-7511

David Allison (Public Involvement)
(385) 391-8143