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  • Kaiser Jeep Firetruck

    Kaiser Jeep Model 530 6X6 Firetruck This Kaiser Jeep Corporation Model 530 6X6 fire-fighting truck was manufactured in 1966. It has both foam and water capability, foam being used for fuel or electrical fires. The truck can carry a 5,000 pound payload and has a top speed of 56 miles per hour. At maximum operation it produced 250 pounds of water
  • Katherine Stinson

    Katherine Stinson (1891-1977) Stunt-flyer Katherine Stinson, along with her brothers Jack and Eddie and sister Marjorie, ran a flying school in San Antonio, Texas, and was the fourth woman in the U.S. to earn a pilot's license. The first woman to fly the mail, she set increasingly longer endurance and distance records, and gave flying exhibitions