Air Force Life Cycle Management (Hill AFB site)

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, serves as a forward operating location for total life cycle management of multiple weapon systems and support services and reports to AFLCMC headquarters at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.

Each program division provides worldwide, cradle-to-grave logistics and program management in coordination with major commands, Air Force Materiel Command depots, supply sources, repair centers and users to sustain mission effectiveness throughout the system's life cycle. The following divisions and small offices reside at Hill AFB:

• The F-16 Division (WWM) reports to the Fighters/Bombers Directorate at Wright-Patterson AFB. WWM delivers and supports F-16 capabilities utilizing full life cycle management to meet U.S. and international partner requirements in support of global security objectives.

• The A-10 Division (WWA) reports to the Fighters/Bombers Directorate at Wright-Patterson AFB. WWA manages cradle-to-grave sustainment provides a combat-ready and sustainable A-10, while recognizing its people's contributions and potential for tomorrow’s life cycle management and sustainment.

• The F-22 Division (WWU) reports to the Fighters/Bombers Directorate at Wright-Patterson AFB. WWU oversees F-22 program sustainment contracts and depot maintenance processes.

• The F-35 operating location (WWJV) reports to the F-35 Joint Program Office in Crystal City, Va., with portions of program reporting to Fighters/Bombers Directorate at Wright-Patterson AFB. WWJV provides liaison for sustainment of F-35 depot maintenance planning and contractual services.

• The Munitions Division (EBH) reports to the Armament Directorate at Eglin AFB, Fla. EBH acquires, manages, and supports fielded munitions, explosives, and energetics while ensuring 24/7 global command and control of munitions stockpile supporting DoD and partnered nations warfighting needs.

• The Aerospace Enabler Division (HBZ) reports to the Battle Management Directorate at Hanscom AFB, Mass. HBZ manages a variety of land and space-based weapon and support systems that deter and compel enemy forces.

• The Mature and Proven Aircraft Division (WLD) reports to the Mobility Directorate at Wright-Patterson AFB. WLD provides total life-cycle management ensuring safe, capable, supportable, and affordable T-38 and proven aircraft for domestic and foreign partners in support of fighter/bomber pilot training and allied security.

• Product Data Services Division (LZP) reports to the Logistics Directorate at Wright-Patterson AFB. LZP provides development, management, operation and maintenance of technical order systems and management and distribution of technical orders to worldwide customers under Foreign Military Sales programs. LZP also provides engineering data acquisition, management, inspection, storage and distribution and drafting services.

• Acquisition Intelligence Division (INL) reports to is the center-level authority for intelligence sensitive managed programs/projects by providing intelligence acquisition, top secret SCI communications, and special security support management to Hill and its tenants.

• Automatic Test Systems Division (WNABC) reports to the Agile Combat Support Directorate. WNABC is a geographically separated operating location that acquires, delivers, and supports the enterprise with automatic test capabilities

• Air Force Advanced Composites Office (EZPT-ACO) reports to AFLCMC/EN at Wright-Patterson AFB. EZPT-ACO acts as a centralized resource leveraging technical expertise and shared learning for weapon system performance, equipment integrity, and life cycle sustainment. EZPT-ACO maximizes availability, affordability and sustainability of Air Force weapon systems.

• Site Senior Lead (SSL) for AFLCMC-Hill is responsible for AFLCMC-Hill operating location and reports to AFLCMC/AQ-AZ authority. The SSL represents AFLCMC at Hill AFB and ensures cross-center functional collaboration with the 75 Air Base Wing and other mission partner organizations. The SSL coordinates recruitment and hiring plans and cross-utilization of personnel in order to provide increased breadth of experience, workforce development/training activities. Additionally, the SSL oversees the Acquisition Center of Excellence (AQ-ACE) and Logistics Operation Location (LG-OL) offices.

- AQ-ACE reports to the SSL at Hill AFB. The ACE office provides the most current acquisition advisement through source selection processes for new and expanding program weapon systems and support services. The ACE office oversees all 1101 series acquisition /program manager and palace acquire trainee hiring and leads program manter career field education and training processes.

- LG-OL is matrixed under the SSL office, but reports directly to LG leadership at Wright-Patterson AFB. The LG-OL provides workforce skills and education for weapon system life cycle management. LG oversees and advises 19 logistics-related series and creates and executes standards for development, certification, hiring, training, recruiting, mentoring, and recognition of Hill AFB AFLCMC logisticians.

For more information, visit the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center headquarters webpage.


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