84th Radar Evaluation Squadron

The 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron monitors, evaluates, optimizes, and integrates fixed and mobile long-range radars for both the operational and federal communities.  Additionally, the 84 RADES sets the standard for sensor coverage prediction and depiction.  It also provides data analysis and unique radar forensics to support search and rescue missions and aircraft mishap investigations. 

The 84th RADES is a significant contributor to all facets of air detection, air sovereignty, and command and control (C2), armed with technical experts, cyber operators, radar maintainers, specially trained surveyors, and four operating locations (OLs) at North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Air Defense Sectors.  In addition, the 84th RADES conducts radar obstruction analysis, including wind farm evaluations, radar coverage studies, and diagrams in support of the Federal Aviation Administration and other Department of Defense entities.

The 84th RADES’s mission is to provide the warfighter responsive worldwide sensor-centric planning, analysis, optimization, C2 testing, and constant evaluation.  The squadron’s vision is one of world-class radar expertise delivering air domain awareness.