Airmen Against Drunk Driving

Airmen Against Drunk Driving is a volunteer organization committed to getting military-affiliated individuals home safely after enjoying drinks.  This free service is open to military members of all ranks, dependents, and DoD employees. Currently, AADD is available Fridays and Saturdays from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. with coverage from Ogden to Salt Lake City. Our end goal is to prevent DUI’s for all base personnel.

After drinks, call 801-777-1111 to let the dispatcher know your current location, number of passengers, and destination.  The dispatcher will send a driver from the Airmen Recreation Center (ARC) to your location where the driver will pick you up and safely drop you off at your destination within Ogden to Salt Lake City range.  For safety purposes, AADD sends female drivers/riders to pick up other female callers if available during the shifts. AADD also makes sure to utilize the Wingman concept when picking individuals up ensuring teams of two are sent out at all times. The driver may request proof of military affiliation by asking to see a riders CAC or dependent ID for eligibility of use for the free service.

We believe Team Hill should enjoy the amenities of our local area without the risk of getting a DUI. When you call the AADD phone your identity remains completely anonymous. Our volunteers do not ask for additional information aside from what is necessary to provide pick-up and drop off. Not to mention that this service is completely free.  There is no retribution for calling, none of your information gets reported to leadership unless something happens to where it constitutes the AADD Council to reveal that identity (crime committed or behavior is erratic and uncontrollable putting the driver, rider, and his or herself at risk of harm).

Generally, two volunteer positions are available: driver and rider. There is also the dispatcher role which is typically the unit POC for AADD. The dispatcher will hold the AADD phone and receive all calls, coordinate with the drivers to pick up individuals who call, and keep count of the saves. The driver will be at the ARC and use their personal vehicle to pick up individuals who call and safely bring them to their destination. The rider is someone who will tag along with the driver in order to make sure AADD is utilizing that Wingman concept when picking people up. Volunteers who do not have vehicles are typically defined as riders but anyone can be a rider when volunteering. Don’t let not having a vehicle stop you from volunteering! Contact your AADD unit point of contact for more details involving AADD or feel free to contact the AADD Council.