Civilian Employee Services

Civilian Health Promotion Services

Bldg. 533

The Civilian Health Promotion Services  (CHPS) mission is to improve the health and well-being of the Air Forcecivilian workforce.

Occupational Medicine Services

The Occupational Medicine Services (OMS) clinic serves all Federal civilian employees on base; the medical staff evaluates, treats, and follows up with occupational injuries and illnesses, and addresses OSHA-related health standards on base. The OMS clinical psychologist assists individuals in crisis or with work-related stress problems, and assists supervisors who are concerned about a distressed or impaired employee. -- Bldg. 249

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides 24/7 services for Air Force civilian employees and household members. Services include short term solution focused counseling, assessment and referral, management consultation, career coaching, and 24 hour crisis hotline. This is a voluntary, confidential, and prepaid benefit.

Community Resilience Program

The Community Resilience Program provides resource and referral support to civilian personnel by increasing awareness of and access to installation and community resources.  The Community Resilience Coordinators (CRC) are embedded within each OO-ALC group and enhance connectedness of employees to each other and the mission, build comradery, and promote the Wingman Culture.  The program serves as a force multiplier and supports a primary prevention approach used to increase protective factors/reduce risk factors prior to a negative behavior occurring.