• What is a heart healthy diet?

    When we hear the word diet, we often think about restricting certain foods. Instead of focusing on excluding food, let’s focus on what we should be including. A heart healthy diet consists of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, low-fat protein and more.Celebrate American Heart Month

  • Hill AFB makes a CFC push before Jan. 15

    As we approach the final week of the Combined Federal Campaign, please consider donating to any of the thousands of available CFC charities that rely on contributions to fulfill their missions and better our communities.Generous donations from Team Hill members currently sits at $103,384, as it

  • CHPS supports civilian wellness

    The USAF Wellness Support Portal supports the DAF Civilian Health Promotion Services (CHPS) program. Anyone can create an account today and access free, online tools to assess your health and find resources to reach your goal for a healthier and more balanced life. The CHPS program offers a

  • Year in review: Top Hill stories from 2023

    In 2023, Hill AFB continued to be a vital part of the United States Air Force. The base is home to several units that played a critical role in the Air Force’s mission to protect the nation. Throughout the year, Hill AFB was the site of numerous training exercises, deployments, and other activities.

  • CHPS helps with 2024 health goals

    There are many benefits to setting goals. Goals direct your focus and attention. They increase your self-confidence and help you develop problem-solving strategies. When you set effective goals, they can help you perform to your potential. If you struggle with sticking to your goals, try making them