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  • AT-6A "Texan"

    North American AT-6A "Texan" S/N 039 Crew:   Two Engine:   One Pratt & Whitney R-1340-49 600hp radial Wingspan:   42 ft 0 in Length:   29 ft 0 in Height:   11 ft 9 in Weight:   3,900 empty 5,700 loaded Speed:   210 mph at 5,000 ft Range:   750 miles Ceiling:   24,200 ft Armament:   Two 0.3-in (7.72mm) machine guns, 1 fixed, 1 trainable Cost:  
  • Atomic Bomb Replica

    Trinity Atomic Bomb Replica This is a full-scale model of the first atomic bomb, nicknamed "the gadget," that was detonated at the Trinity Test Site in New Mexico on 16 July 1945. This replica was built as a prop for the BBC movie "Oppenheimer," filmed at Ft. Carson, Colorado, in 1980. After the filming, the model remained at the Ft. Carson Museum
  • Aviation Comes to Utah, 1910-1919, Chapter 11: Zion Looks to the Future

    With the year 1919 winding down, Utah was about to end a decade of flight in which the flying machine had begun as a simple 38-horsepower Farman biplane flown by a Frenchman at the State Fairgrounds, and had ended with an Air Race that spanned the entire continental United States. The airplane's use in Zion early in the decade had been for local
  • B-17 "Flying Fortress"

    Boeing B-17G-90-DL "Flying Fortress" S/N 44-83663 Crew:  Ten Engines:  Four Wright Cyclone R-1820-97 radial; 1,200 hp each Wingspan:  103 ft 9 3/8 in Length:  74 ft 4 in Height:  19 ft 3 in Weight:  empty: 36,135 lbs; maximum: 72,000 lbs Speed:  cruise: 182 mph; maximum: 287 mph Range:  normal: 2,000 miles; max: 3,750 miles Service Ceiling:  35,600
  • B-1B "Lancer"

    Boeing B-1B "Lancer" S/N 83-0070 Crew:   Four (Aircraft Commander, Pilot, Offensive Systems Operator, and Defensive Systems Operator) Engines:   Four General Electric F101-GE-102 afterburning turbofans; 30,000 lbs. thrust each Wingspan:   137 ft fully spread (15° position); 79 ft fully swept (67.5° position) Length:   146 ft 0 in Height:   34 ft 0
  • B-24D "Liberator"

    Consolidated B-24D "Liberator" S/N 41-23908 Crew:  8-10 Engines:  Four Pratt & Whitney R-1830-43 Twin Wasp 14-cylinder radial; 1,200 hp each Wingspan:  110 ft 0 in Length:  66 ft 4 in Height:  17 ft 11 in Weight:  32,605 lbs empty; 56,000 lbs max Speed:  max: 303 mph; cruise: 200 mph Range:  2,850 miles with 5,000 lb bomb load; 4,600 miles max
  • B-25J "Mitchell"

    North American B-25J "Mitchell" S/N 44-86772 Crew:  Five Engines:  Two Wright R-2600-13 Double Cyclone radial; 1,700 hp each Wingspan:  67 ft 7 in Length:  53 ft 5 3/4 in Height:  16 ft 4 3/4 in Weight:  21,100 lbs empty; 33,500 lbs. loaded; 41,800 maximum Speed:  230 mph cruise; 303 mph maximum Range:  2,700 miles Ceiling:  24,200 ft Armament: 
  • B-26 "Marauder"

    Martin B-26 "Marauder" S/N 40-1370 Crew:   Seven Engines:   Two Pratt & Whitney R-2800s radials; 2,000 hp ea Wingspan:   71 ft 0 in Length:   58 ft 6 in Height:   20 ft 3 in Weight:   37,000 lbs loaded Speed:   cruise: 190 mph; max: 285 mph Range:   1,100 miles Service Ceiling:   19,800 ft Armament:   Eleven .50-cal. machine guns; 4,000 lbs of
  • B-29 "Superfortress"

    Boeing B-29-55-MO "Superfortress" S/N 44-86408 Crew:   9-14 Engines:   Four Wright R-3350-23 radial; 2,200 hp each Wingspan:   141 ft 3 in Length:   99 ft 0 in Height:   27 ft 9 in Weight:  empty:  70,140 lbs; max: 135,000 lbs Speed:   cruise: 220 mph; max: 365 mph Range:   5,830 miles Service Ceiling:   32,000 ft Armament:   Twelve .50-caliber
  • B-36 Landing Gear

    Convair B-36 Landing Gear Very early in World War II, when it looked as if all of Europe might fall to the Nazis, the United States Army Air Forces faced the possibility that it might become necessary to attack European targets by air from bases within the United States. In 1941, specifications for a long-distance bomber aircraft to meet this