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  • Modification of B-29s for War in Korea

    The surprise invasion of the Republic of Korea (also known as South Korea) by the armies of Communist-ruled North Korea on June 25, 1950 gave the Ogden Air Materiel Area an emergency opportunity to once again provide superb logistical support to a war effort five years following the conclusion of World War II.
  • Hill Field becomes a major aircraft storage, reclamation hub

    During the summer 1944, aircraft began to arrive at Hill Field for storage and the Ogden Air Depot established a regular production line to prepare them for such.
  • Hill Field greets new commander, assumes ownership of Wendover Army Air Field

    Not until June 26, 1944, when Brig. Gen. Morris Berman left for a similar command post at San Antonio Air Service Command, did the Ogden Air Depot greet a new commander. His successor, Col. Paul W. Wolf, was no newcomer to Hill Field. Then, on Dec. 31, 1945, the Army Air Forces transferred command jurisdiction of Wendover from the Second Air Force to the Air Technical Service Command, which gave the Ogden Air Depot control of the famous wartime installation.
  • Early construction projects under first depot commander

    Upon his arrival to Hill Field in November 1940, the 49-year-old Col. Morris Berman began his stint as the first Ogden Air Depot commander by making a studied tour of the new installation and its many underway construction projects.
  • Hill AFB to host ‘Warriors Over the Wasatch’ Air and Space Show in 2020

    The "Warriors Over the Wasatch" Air and Space Show will return to the Top of Utah June 27-28, 2020.
  • Hill Aerospace Museum surpasses 5 million visitors

    Since their inaugural opening in 1984, the Hill Aerospace Museum at Hill Air Force Base has awed, educated and inspired more than 5 million visitors. The museum recently hit that 5 millionth marker in November 2019.
  • Hill Field and the beginning of a depot

    On Jan. 12, 1940, officials from the Ogden Chamber of Commerce, other civic groups, and the nearby Ogden Ordnance Depot gathered in a swirling snowstorm to participate in ground-breaking ceremonies at the newly developing Hill Field. The event marked the beginning of Works Progress Administration excavations for the first two buildings at the fledgling Ogden Air Depot. The project included construction of a quartermaster warehouse and commissary, and a quartermaster garage and shops.
  • Hundreds gather for Hill Air Force Base’s 80th Anniversary Celebration

    The inaugural event held to commemorate Hill Air Force Base’s 80th anniversary was held at the Hill Aerospace Museum Jan. 18. Hundreds attended throughout the day to admire the museum’s aircraft and exhibits, and to witness the first of a number of celebratory activities that will take place during the year.

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