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What is Project One?

Project One’s framework addresses belonging and community through five focus areas:  Airmen, Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges and Governments, Community Partners, and Religious & Spiritual Support. A tri-chaired board of a uniformed Airman, a civilian Airman, and a community member lead each focus area. There are opportunities to make an impact and do good in each area, as a leader of large or small projects or a participant helping get things done. If you’d like to get involved, please contact the area(s) you are interested in through the email below or contact the Line of Effort Leads identified below directly. Thanks for choosing to make a difference with us! You can learn more about why we need Project One HERE

Weber State Affinity Summit

Lines of Effort

Airman Engagement: Initiatives in this focus area develop our on-base community and foster connections amongst Airmen to build communities of shared interests on and off base.

Military Lead: CMSgt Vernon Jackson, SSgt Mikayla Painter
Civilian Lead:  TBD
Community Lead:  TBD

Email:  Project ONE/Airmen Engagement
School Engagement: Initiatives in this focus area partner with local elementary, junior high, and high schools to connect base-affiliated children with resources, bring Air Force representation into the schools, and foster the connection between Hill AFB uniformed and civilian Airmen and neighborhood communities. Initiatives also include support to families when facing challenges in our communities’ school systems.

Military lead: Col. Khalim Taha
Civilian lead: Matthew Mason
Community Lead: Susan Munson

Email: Project ONE/School Engagement

Government and College Engagement: Initiatives in this focus area join with state & local governments and colleges to promote community resources, service opportunities, and civic engagement. Recognizing the impact community inclusion plays in recruiting and retaining talent, it identifies and addresses barriers to inclusion, promotes and encourages inclusive practices, and partners with like-minded and like-valued organizations to improve community inclusion.

Military lead: Capt. Bri-Jae Scarbrough
Civilian lead: Jocelyn Hatley
Community Lead:  TBD

Email: Project ONE/Government Engagement
Community Engagement: Initiatives in this focus area work with non-government organizations and businesses in our communities to improve Airmen’s experiences, encourage community-building activities, and rally support for Project One initiatives. Initiatives also identify and address barriers to inclusion, promote and encourage best practices, and partner with like-minded and like-valued organizations.

Military lead: Capt. Kayla Fitzgerald
Civilian lead: Tom Mullican
Community Lead:  Danielle Neveselov

Email: Project ONE/Community Engagement
Religious and Spiritual Engagement. Initiatives in this focus area unite local faith groups to increase Airmen’s awareness of faith-based organizations for worship, support, and service, and partner with these groups to develop and coordinate messages of unity, respect, belonging, and inclusion.

Military lead: Chaplain Brent Mulder
Civilian Lead:  TBD
Community Lead:  TBD

Email: Project ONE/Religious & Spiritual Engagement