75 ABW Commander’s Commentary - Labor Day 2023

  • Published
  • By Col. Jeffrey Holland, 75th Air Base Wing commander

HILL AIR FORCE BASE – As we approach Labor Day, it’s important to reflect on the holiday’s origins. Established to recognize the impact of organized labor on the nation’s success, the principle of unity underpins Labor Day’s purpose. It is more than just a day off from work; it is a reminder of the strength that arises when people work together towards a common goal.

The roots of Labor Day reach back to the labor unions of the late 19th century. These unions emerged as a response to the harsh working conditions and low wages of the early Industrial Revolution. Workers, often toiling long hours in dangerous environments, recognized the power they could harness by joining together. They united for the common goals of fair wages, safe working conditions, and the protection of their rights.

Today, unity remains as important as ever. In our modern life and in our communities, we face challenges maintaining our focus on readiness and achieving our professional and personal potentials. To overcome these issues, we must embrace the same spirit of unity displayed by the early labor movement.

While work is a big part of our lives; it’s not everything. We also spend time with family, friends, and neighbors. We spend time participating in hobbies and community activities. That time is important. Research consistently shows strong social connections and sense of belonging are fundamental to our well-being. In a world often marked by isolation and disconnection, Labor Day reminds us to unite and nurture our bonds with our family, friends, and community.

We can use Labor Day to strengthen our community bonds. This might mean inviting co-workers or neighbors to share a meal or an activity, or simply stepping away from a screen to participate in a group event or meet new people. Just as labor unions fought for the rights and well-being of workers, we must work individually and collectively for the well-being of our communities.

However you choose to spend Labor Day, remember it celebrates the power of unity to bring about change and progress. Whether we’re working to improve our workplaces or communities, building on what unites us leads to greatness. If you’d like to be part of something great and increase Team Hill’s readiness through belonging and community, please get involved in Project One. You can learn more about Project One at www.hill.af.mil/project-one.