Hill AFB to hire employees via Direct Hire Authority

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  • Ogden Air Logistics Complex
Are you experienced in a skilled trade? Do you want to start a career at Hill AFB? Now is the time to apply.

Hundreds of new employees with skilled trade experience will be hired at Hill AFB in the next 6-12 months.

• Hill AFB has been assigned 40+ years of sustainment work on America’s newest fighter jets: the F-22 Raptor, and the F 35 Lighting II.
• At the same time, Hill’s maintenance, repair and overhaul work on the F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-22 Raptor, B-2 Bomber, C-130 Hercules, T-38 Talon, A-10 Thunderbolt, land-based Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles  and Air Launched Cruise Missile is either stable or growing.
• There will likely be hundreds of skilled trade job openings each year for the next 5-8 years.

Direct Hire Authority (DHA) allows experienced candidates to submit resumes directly instead of using USAjobs.gov.

• Congress granted temporary DHA for certain skilled trade occupations at the Ogden Air Logistics Complex to shorten the hiring process so that large numbers of civilian employees can be hired more quickly.
• Job seekers who already possess some experience or hands-on technical training related to at least one occupation listed below may send a resume directly to hill.afb.outreach.us.af.mil.
• Only those with no specialized experience, and students seeking federal Pathways Internships, need to apply through USAjobs.gov.

Referral lists of qualified candidates are being established for 31 skilled trade occupations.

• DHA Candidate Referral Lists are being established for each approved skilled trade occupation so that supervisors may quickly interview and select qualified candidates that most closely match the duties and responsibilities of their particular job openings.
• You are applying to be placed on the referral list of qualified DHA candidates for one or more of the 30 occupations listed below.
• If you are rated “tentatively qualified” and are placed on a referral list for a DHA occupation, it does not necessarily mean that there is a vacancy right now or that there will be one in the next 90 days.

Additional information about the positions being filled.

This recruitment notice is for the general public.
• U.S. citizenship is required.
• Males 18-25 years old must be registered for Selective Service to apply for federal positions.
• No military commitment is required for these civilian positions.
Some positions may be deemed drug testing designated positions and require participation in random drug testing.
• Appointment will likely be contingent upon passing a physical examination.
• Employee will likely be required to obtain and maintain appropriate background investigation or security clearance.
• Employee may be required to drive a motor vehicle. A valid driver's license may be required for the position.
• Employee must maintain current certifications depending on occupation and work area.

How to apply.

• Review the job descriptions online at jobs.utah.gov for more information about each of the 31 occupations.
• Decide if you have skills, hands-on training, or practical experience related to an occupation, and include details about this in your resume.
• Choose which occupations you want to apply for, based on your experience.
• Send your detailed resume (and the occupations you want to apply for) to: hill.afb.outreach@us.af.mil.
• You will receive confirmation that your resume was received and several follow-on emails with additional instructions.
• Resumes will not be accepted unless the applicant already has some specialized experience related to at least one occupations listed below.

Skilled trade occupations eligible for direct hire authority.

("WG" stands for “Wage Grade” and the 4-digit number is the federal job series code. They are provided for reference only.)

Electronic Measurement Equipment Mechanic, (WG-2602), DWS Job # 1375272
Electronics Mechanic, (WG-2604), DWS Job # 1375139
Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic, (WG-2606), DWS Job # 1375142
Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic, (WG-2610), DWS Job # 1375143
Electrical Equipment Repairer, (WG-2854), DWS Job # 1375282
Aircraft Electrician, (WG-2892), DWS Job # 1375147
Precision Measurement Equipment Calibrator, (WG-3378), DWS Job # 1375152
Machinist, (WG-3414), DWS Job # 1375155
Welder, (WG-3703), DWS Job # 1375156
Nondestructive Tester, WG-3705), DWS Job # 1375159
Metalizing Equipment Operator, (WG-3707), DWS Job # 1375160
Electroplater, (WG-3711), DWS Job # 1375164
Sheet Metal Mechanic (Aircraft), (WG-3806), DWS Job # 1375167
Painter (Aircraft), (WG-4102), DWS Job # 1375135
Composite Fabricator, (WG-4352), DWS Job # 1375145
Maintenance Mechanic, (WG-4749), DWS Job # 1375149
Bearing Reconditioner, (WG-4850), DWS Job # 1375151
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Equipment Mechanic, (WG-5301), DWS Job # 1375154
Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic, (WG-5306), DWS Job # 1375158
Powered Support Equipment Mechanic, (WG-5378), DWS Job # 1375161
Industrial Equipment Operator, (WG-5401), DWS Job # 1375166
Utility Systems Operator, (WG-5406), DWS Job # 1375169
Mobile Equipment Operator (Missile Transporter), (WG-5701), DWS Job # 1375144
Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic (Missile Maintenance), (WG-5803), DWS Job # 1375207
Aircraft Ordnance Systems Mechanic, (WG-6652), DWS Job # 1375211
Special Weapons Systems Mechanic, (WG-6656), DWS Job # 1375213
Pneudraulic System Mechanic, (WG-8255), DWS Job # 1375216
Aircraft Pnuedraulic System Mechanic, (WG-8268), DWS Job # 1375218
Aircraft Engine Mechanic, (WG-8602), DWS Job # 1375220
Aircraft Mechanical Parts Repairer, (WG-8840), DWS Job # 1375222
Aircraft Mechanic, (WG-8852), DWS Job # 1375223

Visit Utah Department of Workforce Services for job descriptions and more information.