• Congratulations ALS Class 24-B

    Airmen enrolled in Airman Leadership School Class 24-Bravo here were honored during a graduation ceremony Feb 9 at The Landing.ALS is a professional military education course designed to develop Airmen into effective frontline supervisors by focusing on building communication, leadership skills and

  • Eight-year-old MWD honorably retired at Hill AFB

    Born in Germany, trained in Texas and after serving his entire military career at Hill AFB, MWD Kay retired during a ceremony here Feb. 2.The patrol, narcotic-detecting German Shepherd received a canine version of the Air and Space Force Commendation Medal at his retirement for his eight years of

  • What is a heart healthy diet?

    When we hear the word diet, we often think about restricting certain foods. Instead of focusing on excluding food, let’s focus on what we should be including. A heart healthy diet consists of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, low-fat protein and more.Celebrate American Heart Month

  • Pedestrian-activated crossing warning devices at work on Hill

    Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon crossings, with a crossing sign, arrow indicator and rectangular-shaped beacons that contain flashing LED lights, have been installed at several high-risk crossings on Hill Air Force Base.These lights draw attention to pedestrian crossings and alert approaching

  • Hill AFB makes a CFC push before Jan. 15

    As we approach the final week of the Combined Federal Campaign, please consider donating to any of the thousands of available CFC charities that rely on contributions to fulfill their missions and better our communities.Generous donations from Team Hill members currently sits at $103,384, as it