• Boost Halloween safety: Join Hill AFB’s Pumpkin Patrol

    In an effort to help everyone have a safe and enjoyable Halloween experience at Hill AFB, the 75th Security Forces Squadron’s “Pumpkin Patrol” will provide a watchful eye during the designated trick-or-treating hours of 4:30-9 p.m. on Oct. 31.

  • National Day of Service

    Employees from Hill recently joined forces with community members in acts of service as part of September’s National Day of Service.Volunteers took a shift at the Deseret Mill and Pasta facility in Kaysville. While serving there, 26 Team Hill members packaged 13,775 pounds of pasta products, enough

  • For this generation…

    For this generation, not everyone will remember what they were doing on September 11, 2001. After 22 years since the event, nearly everyone below the rank of E-4 and new second lieutenants weren't even born. However, I will always remember standing before a collapsing section of the Pentagon when

  • Hill AFB Honor Guard stands ready

    Paying respect to the men and women who served before, Hill’s Honor Guard stands ready to serve them now.Honor guard Airmen are charged with selflessly, namelessly and flawlessly representing the U.S. Air Force and its members, both past and present to the American public and the world.

  • Hill volunteers help USU's Physics Day

    (Left) Mark Erickson, Hill’s STEM Outreach Program manager, judges the MESA Club challenge where students build a mousetrap-powered car that can climb a 30-degree incline at Utah State University’s Physics day at Lagoon amusement park May 12, 2023. Twenty volunteers from Hill judged activities at

  • Plane Talk: Nighthawk Night comes to the Hill Aerospace Museum

    The theme for Hill Aerospace Museum’s May Plane Talk is “Nighthawk Night,” featuring a special look at the world’s first stealth fighter aircraft, the F-117 Nighthawk. Join us at the museum May 6 for an exclusive look at one of the Air Force’s most groundbreaking fighter aircrafts and learn from