OO-ALC In Focus: Larry Richins

  • Published
  • By Sean Lawler
  • Ogden Air Logistics Complex

Meet Larry Richins, a dedicated material support section chief within the 309th Maintenance Support Group at the Ogden Air Logistics Complex. Larry embodies the spirit of service and commitment. With 36 years of government service under his belt, all of which have been in the Air Force, Larry's contributions extend far beyond his official duties. Originally from Roy and a High School classmate of the "Punky QB" Jim McMahon, 1985 Chicago Bears Superbowl champion, Larry has always been a fixture in his local community, not venturing far from his roots. However, his impact is anything but local. 

Larry's day-to-day responsibilities play a critical role in the backbone of the Air Force's operational capabilities. His position requires him to ensure the seamless operation of all Complex facilities, including essential services like heating, air conditioning, and the provision of materials for the paint shops and media blasting operations. This role is vital for maintaining the readiness and effectiveness of the aircraft and the overall operational efficiency of the Air Force. Larry's expertise and leadership ensure that whether it's a routine day or an emergency situation, the complex's facilities are prepared to support the mission. His commitment to excellence in his official duties mirrors his dedication in every aspect of his life, making him an indispensable member of the Air Force and a pillar of his community.

Beyond his crucial day job, Larry dedicates much of his personal time to search-and-rescue operations with Weber County. For more than two decades, Larry has been an integral part of a team that braves harsh conditions to save lives. From snowy mountains to rapid waters, his commitment to helping those in distress showcases an extraordinary dedication to the community. His search-and-rescue missions, particularly those involving challenging conditions and long nights in the wilderness, have not only saved lives, but also brought solace to many families.

Larry's life is a testament to his love for family, with his pride in his children and five grandchildren shining through. He attributes his greatest achievements to his family, particularly his “amazing” wife of 35 years, Cynthia. A man driven by service, Larry finds joy in assisting others, whether it's through fixing equipment for neighbors or participating in community service projects. His dedication to service encapsulates his approach to life, emphasizing the joy derived from helping others and making a difference.

Even after decades of service, Larry's passion for his work and the wonderful people he works with remains undiminished. As he continues to support both the Air Force and the local community through his search-and-rescue efforts, Larry stands as a beacon of dedication and service, inspiring others to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.