• OO-ALC In Focus: Ted Engebretson

    Meet Ted Engebretson, Gate 4 supervisor for the F-16 Modification Line at the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) in Tucson, Arizona.

  • OO-ALC In Focus: Malena Leatham

    Meet Malena Leatham, an inspiring member of the 309th Commodities Maintenance Group (CMXG), whose journey through diverse career paths in security and government reflects a remarkable commitment to personal and professional growth.

  • OO-ALC In Focus: Larry Richins

    Meet Larry Richins, a dedicated material support section chief within the 309th Maintenance Support Group at the Ogden Air Logistics Complex. With 36 years of government service under his belt, Larry embodies the spirit of service and commitment.

  • OO-ALC In Focus: Navid Saadati

    Meet Navid Saadati, the Lead Finance Analyst for the 309th Missile Maintenance Group (309 MMXG), who has devoted seven years to serving the government, all within the Air Force at the Ogden Air Logistics Complex.

  • OO-ALC In Focus: Casey Maw

    Meet Mr. Casey Maw, master production scheduler in the 526th Electronics Maintenance Squadron. Casey has been working for the Air Force since 2002. With almost 22 years of experience, what sets Casey apart is his unwavering commitment, both in his professional life and his role as a family man.

  • OO-ALC In Focus: Doug Adams

    Meet Doug Adams, who has been working for the Ogden Air Logistics Complex since 2016. He began his career with federal service working for the Software Engineering Group, then transitioned to the Staff Offices in 2019, where he now works for the Business Offices. Doug is an Analyst for the