Congratulations ALS Class 23-E

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  • By Hill AFB Airman Leadership School

HILL AIR FORCE BASE – Airmen enrolled in Airman Leadership School Class 23-Echo here were honored during a graduation ceremony June 30 at The Landing.

ALS is a professional military education course designed to develop Airmen into effective frontline supervisors by focusing on building communication, leadership skills, and teamwork.

ALS Class 23-Echo:

4th Fighter Squadron
Senior Airman Charles Blosfield

34th Fighter Squadron
Senior Airman Ashley Ginorio

34th Fighter Generation Squadron
Staff Sgt. Alex Litzinger

75th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Blaine Harris

75th Medical Operations Squadron
Senior Airman Cainan Thompson

75th Medical Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Ella Valley

75th Operations Support Squadron
Staff Sgt. Dylan Denny

75th Security Force Squadron
Senior Airman Carlos Roca (Commandant Award & Distinguished Graduate)

151st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Richard Rigby

388th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Senior Airman Chance Wirowek

388th Maintenance Squadron
Staff Sgt. Cally Evans
Senior Airman Nolan Pasqualetti
Senior Airman Carter Thorlakson

388th Munitions Squadron
Senior Airman Caleb Compton
Senior Airman Brandon Ford
Senior Airman Samuel Ozbaker
Staff Sgt. Christopher Wymer

388th Operations Support Squadron
Senior Airman Gage Barron (Levitow Award)
Senior Airman Ethan Burkhalter (Academic Achievement)
Senior Airman Matthew Mraz

419th Maintenance Squadron
Senior Airman William Kendell

421st Fighter Squadron
Senior Airman Alanise Campos Cruz

729th Air Control Squadron
Senior Airman Ryana Beauchamp
Senior Airman Jacob Lorbach

Air Force Test Center
Staff Sgt. Theresa Lee
Staff Sgt. Xavier Pinkett

Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center
Senior Airman Jalil Williams (Distinguished Graduate)