Air Force Assistance Fund mid-campaign review

  • Published
  • By Col. Jeffrey Holland, 75th Air Base Wing commander

HILL AIR FORCE BASE – The Air Force Assistance Fund campaign is now at the halfway mark, and we’re learning about many of our fellow Airmen and Guardians who have been helped, or know someone who has been helped, by our four official charities of the Air Force.

Our base goal for this year is $36,156 and we have raised $9,981 – just 27 percent of our goal.

If your unit key worker has already come to talk to you about our AFAF charities but you haven’t yet called them back to give, please consider doing it today. Or you can simply give online at

Many times, we tend to put off opportunities to give thinking that “others can take care of it this year” and “maybe we will participate next year”. I believe this may be why the historical participation rate among active-duty members has dropped from between 10 and 30 percent to below 5 percent the past two years.

It would be better to see many Airmen give just a little than to have only a few giving a lot, which has unfortunately been the trend over the past decade.

Your contributions will help Airmen and Guardians in need of emergency funds for basic living expenses, emergency travel to get home to a sick or dying loved one, aid in PCS pet transportation expenses, funeral expenses, medical/dental needs, child care/respite, moving expenses, educational grants/scholarships, base community enhancement programs; helping a surviving spouse of a retiree remain in their home as long as possible and to provide a home for our retiree’s widows/widowers.

We’ve seen the Air Force Aid Society help over 7,600 Airmen in a single quarter. And the other affiliate charities often help our retired Airmen and Guardians, as well as their surviving family members, on a continual basis.

Remember, today we have the opportunity to give; tomorrow we may need assistance. So, let’s pay it forward.