Team Hill Remembrance Service; to acknowledge our loss and look to the future

  • Published
  • By Donovan Potter, 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah – In an effort to help people through their grief process, the 75th Air Base Wing Legacy Chapel sponsors a Team Hill Remembrance Service at 8 p.m., June 1, at the Duck Pond on base.

Everyone with base access is invited.

Major Brent Mulder, 75th ABW deputy wing chaplain said the intent of this service is to bring closure to people who experienced the loss of a loved one and may have been unable to attend a service or see them before they passed away.

“Probably a substantial number of people who passed away recently is because of COVID, but people died of other causes, too,” Mulder said. “We had to comply with the same restrictions as the rest of the world, so now that we are able to gather again, this is an opportune time to acknowledge our losses as we look forward to the future.”

The guideline for this service is for people who have been lost in the past two years, but that’s not a firm rule.

“If this is going to be meaningful to the person and help them in the grief process, no matter if their loved one passed more than a couple years ago, they’re welcome to attend,” Mulder said. “This doesn’t have to be people who lived at Hill, it could be a friend you knew years ago back in High School, who lived in Germany. It doesn’t matter the situation.”

Anyone who wishes to reserve a floating lantern for the ceremony, at no cost, can text the word REMEMBER to 801-917-6300, and then add the name of the person to be remembered.

“People can just show up but if they do want to reserve a lantern, we ask them to text the number and sign up,” Mulder said. “Also, when they add the name of their family member, friend or whoever, we will compile all those names and read them as part of the service.”

For more information about the Team Hill Remembrance Service, call 801-777-2016.