Congratulations to ALS Class 21-H

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  • By Hill AFB Airman Leadership School

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah – Forty-three future supervisors completed the first step of enlisted professional military education during a graduation ceremony held at Hill Professional Development Center on Sept. 30. The Airman Leadership School graduates attended the 24-day, 192-hour course focusing on developing leadership abilities, the profession of arms, and building effective communication.

Congratulations to the graduates of ALS Class 21-H.

The graduates:

4th Fighter Generation Squadron

Staff Sgt. James Jordan (Academic Award recipient)


75th Air Base Wing

Staff Sgt. Ashley Epperson (Distinguished Graduate Award recipient)


75th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Senior Airman Daniel Hopfensperger

Senior Airman Whitmire


75th Security Forces Squadron

Staff Sgt. Dylan Stirling


111th Attack Squadron

Senior Airman Natalie Perez (Sharp Image Award recipient)


388th Logistic Support Squadron

Senior Airman Vaishali Patel

Staff Sgt. Joshua Soto


388th Maintenance Squadron

Staff Sgt. Hayden Bucholz

Staff Sgt. Georio Marin


388th Munitions Squadron

Senior Airman Patrick Aspell

Senior Airman Louis Bennett

Staff Sgt. Stephanie Garcia

Senior Airman Tanner Harryman

Staff Sgt. Samuel McGovern

Staff Sgt. Gage Ridder

Staff Sgt. Morgan Strausser

Senior Airman Kaine Williams

Senior Airman Kimberly Williams (Commandant Award recipient)


419th Maintenance Squadron

Senior Airman Taylor Swindler


421st Fighter Generation Squadron

Staff Sgt. Zayne Beckman

Senior Airman Cameron Frick (Distinguished Graduate Award recipient)

Staff Sgt. Jonathan Spaller


729th Air Control Squadron

Staff Sgt. Shamika Arnold (Levitow Award recipient)

Staff Sgt. Joshua Mullin

Staff Sgt. Tyler Pate