Giving service helps on Patriot Day or any day

  • Published
  • By Alyssa Hiser, 75th Force Support Squadron

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah – September 11th, or Patriot Day, is recognized as a national day of service and remembrance, honoring those who died and were wounded during the tragic attack on our country 20 years ago.

Volunteering in our local communities helps pay tribute to those brave men and women, first responders, and all others who defend our freedom.

Service can be given any time, not just on Patriot Day, and there are several ways patriots at Hill can get involved.  

Two easy resources to use are and

Just enter your zip code into the website or app to find local opportunities to serve.

Other ways to volunteer include donating gently used items to a local homeless or domestic violence shelter, dropping off supplies to a school or animal shelter, participating in a food drive, or donating blood.

Check with your local community to see how you can help.  

No action is too big or too small to make an impact and unite our communities together as we once were on the day that caused so much pain and suffering.