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  • New Air Force fitness requirements

    New Air Force fitness requirements bring about some of the most significant changes to the Air Force fitness program in the last five years, and shift a greater responsibility of maintaining physical fitness 365 days a year to all Airmen. Those changes take effect Jan. 1, 2010. The new Air Force fitness test is coming soon and will incorporate
  • Last dental rotation for New Horizons Guyana 2009 begins

    The third and final rotation of dentists and dental technicians for New Horizons Guyana 2009 arrived this past weekend and began seeing patients at the Diamond Secondary School Monday. Of the 18 Airmen on this two-week rotation, 14 are from Hill Air Force Base, Utah; two are from Luke Air Force Base, Ariz.; one is from Laughlin Air Force Base,
  • An exercise in marshalling care

    The 75th Medical Group participated in a disease containment field exercise Aug. 11-13 designed to test the ability of Hill Air Force Base to contain and treat disease during a major disease outbreak. The exercise scenario used an invented variant of the H1N1 flu virus, fictitiously released into the population, to test the disease containment plan
  • Air Force unveils new fitness program

    Approval of the new Air Force fitness instruction in the coming weeks brings about some of the most significant changes to the Air Force fitness program in the last five years and shifts a greater responsibility of maintaining physical fitness 365 days a year to all Airmen. Those changes take effect Jan. 1, 2010. In June, Air Force Chief of Staff
  • Bod Pod tests for fat ratio

    Waking up early to exercise isn't a strange concept for Col. Patrick Higby, commander of the 75th Air Base Wing. So it was no big stretch for him to make an appointment early in the morning so he could head over to the Health and Wellness Center and hop into the Bod Pod. Though it slightly resembles a futuristic space shuttle with its curved egg
  • Diamond Vision

    "Followership" -- to lead, you must first be able to follow for without followers, there can be no leaders. One point we often overlook concerning successful leaders is that they are successful followers first. To be a good follower, one will need to develop the following qualities: Loyalty -- always be loyal to your leader, whether or not you
  • New OO-ALC leader draws from his past, looks to the future

    When Maj. Gen. (select) Andrew Busch first joined the Air Force, he didn't plan on staying long. The new commander of the Ogden Air Logistics Center said his current position as leader of Hill Air Force Base is, in many ways, one of chance. Busch grew up around airplanes, but not in the Air Force. His father worked for an airline company, so Busch
  • Interested in becoming an officer?

    Airmen We have tremendous officer leadership in our Air Force, but could always use more. For those interested in commissioning programs, review the below link/information. Additionally, MSgt Julie McQueen, Team Hill's Career Assistance Advisor, is always standing by ready to serve you.
  • Scope broadens for AF cyber mission as challenge grows

    The U.S. military -- and the Air Force in particular -- faces a cyber threat unlike those posed even two years ago. "Every day more things become part of (the Air Force) cyber mission," says John Gilchrist, of the 775th Communications Squadron. When asked about the threat posed by thoughtless use of the Internet or federal computers by an Air Force
  • Show your Team Hill spirit by creating a pin for contest!

    The Hill Air Force Base Spirit Award Committee is soliciting designs for the 2010 Hill AFB Spirit Award Pin. The pin will be approximately 1 inch in size and can be one or more colors. Your input should include a full size image of your design as well as a smaller version to give the committee a realistic view of the actual pin size. Submissions

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