OO-ALC Energy Efficiency Ideas

Energy Efficiency


We are looking for NEW and INNOVATIVE ways to save or reduce energy consumption.

Suggestion Criteria:

  • Must include important DETAILS – i.e. related to specific building system or specific industrial equipment.
  • Please ensure you give us the current condition of the energy issue.
  • Identify the suggested energy improvement opportunity.
  • Submissions must include name and work contact information, in case further clarification is needed.


When submitting your suggestion, consider these factors:

  • Industrial Processes: These devices consume far more power than lights.  Energy conservation projects with the highest potential are industrial processes (motors, pumps, exhaust fans, ovens, autoclaves, etc.)
  • Equipment Running Full Speed/Continuously: Look for equipment that is running at full speed or continuously running. Can it be turned off when not in use, or can it be operated at a lower speed?
  • Sequencing Critical Equipment:  Look for critical processes that operate multiple identical pieces of equipment for redundancy in case one goes down. Could these be sequenced to alternate when each piece of equipment is running instead of both at the same time?
  • Wasteful Heating/Cooling:  Look for locations that are being heated/cooled when not in use. Could temperature set points for these spaces be changed to reduce energy consumption.
  • Continuously Open Doors:  Look for doors that are constantly left open, especially hangar doors.  Recovering from extreme temperature swings, caused by open hangar doors, consumes vast amounts of energy.

Suggestion Form

Please enter your suggestion for saving energy on Hill Air Force Base below. Include any IMPORTANT DETAILS with your suggestion. *See SUGGESTED CRITERIA above* 

  • Solar: 
    • Hill already has a solar panel farm, located off Wardleigh Road, which Civil Engineering adds to as funding permits.
    • Unfortunately, due to costs for required structural upgrades to support the weight of solar panels, and additional costs to repair leaks caused by solar panels on flat roofs, it is not cost effective to place solar panels on flat roofs.
  • Wind Turbines:
    • Traditional Wind Turbines interfere with aircraft radar/communications equipment, and are not compatible with runway operations.
    • Civil Engineering regularly re-evaluates wind power technologies and is currently conducting a study on wind viability as the emerging technology develops.
  • Nuclear:
    • Nuclear generated power is currently being reviewed for use at Air Force installations. not currently approved.
    • Testing of the first Air Force modular nuclear power generation plant is scheduled for completion of in FY28.
  • Geothermal:
    • On Base studies for geothermal, with multiple test wells, have been conducted since 1978. On Base geothermal is not warm enough to be economically usable at this time.
  • Computers:
    • Monitors should already automatically go to sleep when not in use.
    • Computers must be on during evening hours to receive critical updates.
  • LED Lights:
    • Please consult with your facility manager/engineer to see if a project is already in place to replace any discovered lights that are not LED.  If not, please proceed with your submission.