Mass Transportation Benefit Program

The Mass Transportation Benefit Program (MTBP) aims to promote mass transportation and provide incentives for employees who choose eco-friendly commuting options. By reducing out-of-pocket expenses, the MTBP encourages the use of public transit, contributing to reduced traffic congestion and air pollution.

How does the TIPS Program Work?

Eligible participants receive a subsidy for their commuting expenses while using Qualified Means of Transportation. For Hill, this means use of FrontRunner and van pools. The subsidy is issued to participants on a debit card which is used to “pay” the local transit provider.

In order to participate in the Mass Transportation Benefit Program, an applicant must be a DOD Federal Employee; civilian, military, or non-appropriated fund (NAF) employee who is paid and employed by the Defense Department. You must commute at least 10 days or 50% each month each month to qualify. Temporary duty, leave and telework do not count as a commute.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the MTBP, applicants must be current Department of Defense (DOD) Federal Employees, whether civilian, military, or non-appropriated fund (NAF) employees. Additionally:

  • Commute at least 10 days per month to qualify.
  • Note that temporary duty, leave, and telework do not count as a commute.

Getting started

  1. Locate a vanpool: Find a vanpool in your area or connect with other riders seeking vanpools.
  2. Contact UTA: Reach out to Luwanna Fitzgerald, UTA support specialist, at or visit UTA Commuter.
  3. Apply for benefits: Once you’ve identified a vanpool or FrontRunner schedule that suits you, begin the application process to receive Transportation Incentive Benefits and/or the TRANServe Card. Email your application to


Once you find a van pool or Frontrunner schedule that works for you, begin the application process to receive Transportation Incentive Benefits. To apply for the MTBP, contact Ricky Clausing at  NOTE: If you apply for your benefits by 15th day of the month, your benefits could take 6-8 weeks to be applied to your TRANServe Debit Card.