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  • Hill Aerospace Museum launches Summer STEM Passport Program

    On June 5, the Hill Aerospace Museum will begin a new Summer STEM Passport Program free of charge. The purpose of STEM is to get students interested in science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Cleared for Takeoff: Junior Achievement City in SLC gets model air traffic control tower

    Officials from Hill Air Force Base helped open a model air traffic control tower in Salt Lake’s Junior Achievement City April 10.
  • Air Force lab puts medical devices through their paces

    “We break stuff,” said Lt. Col. Brandi Ritter, chief of the Air Force Medical Evaluation Support Activity, showing off the facility where her unit tests the devices medical Airmen use to complete their mission.
  • Hill AFB upgrades to Windows 10

    In accordance with the Department of Defense mandate, the Air Force must complete the Microsoft Windows 10 migration by March 31, 2018. Any operating system not upgraded by the deadline will be denied access to the network.
  • Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineers bring advanced exposure surveillance to the front lines

    Modern battlefields have many sources of potentially harmful airborne substances, but that is not the only place that Airmen can be exposed to harmful environmental factors. Air Force bioenvironmental engineers are developing technology to track, catalogue, and provide useful data about environmental exposures that will help identify battlefield threats in real time and inform Airmen of the everyday exposures that affect their health.
  • ICBM Country: Hill AFB, Utah workers play key role in future of strategic defense

    Editor's Note: Hill Air Force Base units are helping ensure the nuclear triad remains an effective strategic deterrent now and into the future. This is the second in a two part series.The nation needs a robust nuclear deterrent. Not just any missiles, but the most responsive strategic weapon systems in the world.The Air Force is responsible for two
  • AFRL chief engineer visits Hill, speaks about emerging technology

    On May 9, Dr. Larry Butkus, Chief Engineer of the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, visited Hill AFB to speak in front of a crowd of about 250 Team Hill scientists, engineers, and technical managers.
  • CyberPatriot IX underway at UMA

    Technological advances have improved the human condition in areas such as commerce, communication and transportation. It’s also brought new opportunities for those seeking to take advantage of others through hacking, identity theft and other nefarious schemes.

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