• Utah’s new 'constitutional carry' law won’t apply on Hill AFB

    Although the Utah legislature passed House Bill 60 to remove the requirement for state residents over the age of 21 to acquire a permit in order to legally carry a concealed firearm, Hill AFB security officials want you to know the law will not apply on base.

  • 75th SFS MWD handlers honor war dog heroes

    Defenders and military working dogs from the 75th Security Forces Squadron at Hill Air Force Base gathered with the community on K-9 Veterans Day, March 13, to dedicate a Vietnam Veterans War Dog Memorial at Layton Commons Park.

  • 75th SFS Military Working Dogs train

    Military working dogs train as much as their human counterparts. Explosive detection dogs are brought through a field course where detonated explosive making materials are placed in various places for them to sniff out. Drug detection dogs train in sniffing out drugs in vehicles, buildings and the

  • Joint training boosts working dog programs

    Hill’s 75th Security Forces Squadron dog handlers and their military working dogs recently teamed with local and regional partners for a joint training exercise on base to detect homemade and military grade explosives.

  • Memorial ruck march in honor of National Police Week

    National Police Week is dedicated time on the calendar to honor, remember, and celebrate America’s law enforcement each year. Defenders from the 75th Security Forces Squadron at Hill Air Force Base took it to the streets May 15 for a memorial ruck march, a long standing tradition that honors law