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“Our staff have done a terrific job in adapting the new operations and have been flexible during the entire process… https://t.co/WaFEOTkalt
With an increase to the number of personnel from Hill AFB and across the DOD teleworking due to the coronavirus sit… https://t.co/SmcS5YMtcI
“Community fosters hope and inspiration, and Hill AFB Chapel will continue to provide inspirational and soul-streng… https://t.co/9EbrjTxAD4
RT @419fw: A group of @419fw reservists recently volunteered to stock shelves at the @HAFB Commissary following their work shifts to ensure…
In this challenging and rapidly changing times, we do have some good news. SrA Roxanne Darien, 75th Medical Group,… https://t.co/7tkHjuMQum
RT @HAFB: Our Airmen are training and flying the @thef35 daily at Hill Air Force Base. We've segmented our operations to allow time and dis…
Our Airmen are training and flying the @thef35 daily at Hill Air Force Base. We've segmented our operations to allo… https://t.co/INrV8E92Rc
A Hill Air Force Base member is being treated and evaluated by health care professionals following the first confir… https://t.co/zhDkgP10Dq
Construction Alert - NB and SB I-15 in Layton will close for 3 nights: Fri Mar 20-Mon Mar 23. North lanes reduce at… https://t.co/68kpPGJAix
As of today, Hill AFB is in HPCON Bravo and has declared a Public Health Emergency, consistent w Davis/Weber-Morgan… https://t.co/Gn48ZlJIt2
This applies to all of our military and civilian Airman, and families. Take care of each other. https://t.co/MbW4xOCxfV
While it has been a challenging time with today's earthquake, we continue to focus on COVID-19. Visit… https://t.co/hsnxcba688
Hill AFB response to magnitude 5.7 earthquake. https://t.co/4Z7s1dyGnW
@GreatEduKater @S1mplyVantastic Thank you! This is a rumor! Earthquakes cannot be predicted. Official social media… https://t.co/PMQFvNdmuO
RT @388fw: We definitely felt the #utquake here @hafb this morning. We're checking in our personnel, facilities, equipment and aircraft. Ri…
For those who use the Hill AFB pharmacy, if you're concerned about picking up medications in person and being expos… https://t.co/RNHOTgGRbe
RT @CannonAFB_: The official 2020 Census is currently making it's rounds to households within the United States and it is imperitave that y…
“The stress relief of tuning out the world and turning wrenches is unlike anything else,” said Staff Sgt. Brandon B… https://t.co/Fr4CC2TVSq
Enjoy your Sunday! #lovethisview 📸: Cynthia Griggs/U.S. Air Force https://t.co/JkQ0MYBAvB
Volunteer families are needed to participate in this program, serving as role models and providing Hill AFB's Airme… https://t.co/odD4ETBH2L