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  • How do I get a job here?

    Every military base accomplishes important missions. While some missions are very visible, others are little-known and performed in out-of-the way buildings separate from the main installation. Here, the flight training mission is very visible whereas the gun shop mission is less evident.The 531st

  • Ask a Badwater finisher…if you can find one

    Ever wonder what it might be like to run more than 100 miles? If so, ever consider adding 100-degree heat and more than 14,000 feet in cumulative elevation gain? A local Airman will find out in July.Capt. Jared Struck, an aircraft maintenance officer with the Ogden Air Logistics Complex, is training

  • 649th MUNS delivers greater capability, improved readiness

    Have you heard the saying that starts with, "If you ain't Ammo..."? One tongue-in-cheek response is, "then you're waiting on them." The universal response cannot be printed here.Ammo troops worldwide take their "If you ain't Ammo..." mantra seriously. Here, for the munitions unit headquartered on

  • Air Force warns Airmen against talking politics on social media

    In a year that will undoubtedly be headlined by politics both national and local, the Air Force is warning Airmen to watch what they say and how they say it.With the 2016 presidential election just nine months away, the Air Force released an informational video, reminding Airmen of Department of

  • Brains over bombs: Training for a mission where mistakes are lethal

    On a windy Utah morning, under a cold, grey sky, an Airman moves his knife blade slowly through loose dirt toward a stick of dynamite with nitroglycerine crystals sweating through the paper casing.The Airman isn't sweating, but maybe he should be. Standing over the Airman's shoulder, a master

  • Ogden ALC unit set to achieve Star status

    The 309th Electronics Maintenance Group achieved a long-sought goal in early June when they were nominated for Star status in the Voluntary Protection Program.The notification followed a week-long evaluation of the group's safety practices by a six-member team led by the Occupational Safety and

  • Not merely spiritual exercise: Chaplains working out together

    It's easy for chaplains to focus on spiritual matters since it's their career, but chaplains at Hill Air Force Base are taking things to another level by incorporating physical workouts into their focus each week -- and in the process, they're discovering far-reaching benefits.Chaplain Steve Cuneio

  • Eagle Scout beautifies HAFB chapel grounds

    HILL AIR FORCE BASE -- For nearly a year, Wing Chaplain Erik Harp, of the 75th Air Base Wing, has been begging for some help to take care of the eyesore growing outside of the chapel -- a matted mess of weeds, decomposed bark, rotted railroad ties and dead trees.Concerned church patrons and

  • Airman angler lands spot in bass championship

    A lifetime of casual fishing paid off for a Hill AFB sergeant in April as he placed fifth out of 137 anglers in the Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society Nation Western Divisional tournament.Senior Master Sgt. Davick Hansen, superintendent of the 309th Aircraft Maintenance Group Depot Maintenance Squadron,

  • Hill’s resilient chief nurse serves in a resilient country

    Resilience is a term today's Airmen hear often. One Hill Air Force Base nurse has lived a life full of resilience and put it to use in a country in great need of the same.Lt. Col. Kristin Carlson, 75th Medical Group chief nurse, recently returned from a short-notice deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan,