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  • The Holocaust: A sinister history lesson

    Editor's Note: Last week Hill AFB observed Holocaust Remembrance Week with a luncheon, a showing of "The Boy in Striped Pajamas," a candle-light vigil, a 'silent mile' 5K, and a shoe drive.I don't have time. Lunch is too expensive. That movie is probably boring. These are a few of the things I heard

  • Commentary: Flight safety: A complex task

    The flight line is a very dangerous place: There are an infinite number of disastrous events that can happen when you least expect them.As a newly assigned 75 ABW Flight Safety noncommissioned officer, I have quickly learned that safety and mishap prevention are critical.In the flight safety world,

  • More than dreidels: What Hanukkah is all about

    When you think of Hanukkah what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you are an adherent of Judaism, you probably know what Hanukkah represents.But for those who do not, what do you think of? Do you think of Adam Sandler singing his Hanukkah Song or spinning dreidels, also known as tops, or do

  • Installation commander gives thanks

    Team Hill, as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I am grateful for your service to our great nation. Each of you are a valuable member of Team Hill.  The mission of the 75th Air Base Wing, as well as those of our 60 mission partners, could not be accomplished without you.This Thanksgiving I will

  • Veterans Day is a day for gratitude

    Every generation hopes that the next will never have to go to war. Yet, as our United States Air Force approaches its 25th year of sustained combat operations, willing men and women from throughout our country continue to answer their nation's call to protect our freedoms.Veterans Day is a time to

  • Learn to live by the 90/10 principle

    Author Stephen Covey described a principle he called the 90/10 principle. Ten percent of life is made up of what happens to you. Ninety percent of life is decided by how you react.We really have no control over 10 percent of what happens to us. We cannot stop the car from breaking down and the plane

  • Clinic appointment “no shows” affect you!

    Patients that fail to show up for their medical appointments cost real time and money and prevent other patients from securing the appointments they need.Each visit to the 75th Medical Group costs approximately $345 per visit, including the doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative personnel's

  • By counting on each other, America can 'Count on Us!'

    Team Hill, the hour is upon us.Nearly 200 inspectors from Air Force Materiel Command will be here from Oct. 27-Nov. 10 to evaluate how well AFMC units, and other Team Hill partners, conduct our vital national defense mission.As the Air Base Wing commander, I have seen "great people doing great

  • Preparing for peacetime readiness

    Team Sustainment,We are just six weeks into the new calendar year, but the pathway to success is already much clearer than it was for most of 2013. The budget has passed and we pretty much know what to expect.The Air Force Sustainment Center, like other organizations across the defense department,

  • 75th Force Support Squadron…WE Do That!

    The 75th Force Support Squadron's chant during award ceremonies, commander's call, and other public events is We Do That! In 2013, we lived by that motto and had a very rewarding year.This year we set the standard at command and Air Force. Our changes in military personnel processes led to our