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On Sept. 14, the Air Force Personnel Center will launch the Airmen Development Plan. The ADP is a new web-based decision support tool designed to integrate numerous force development tools, including electronic records, duty histories and assignment preferences, into one platform.

Phase one of the ADP, launched in September, will apply to active duty officers and will replace the transitional Officer Development Plan. In February 2008, phase two will replace the transitional Civilian Development Plan and will also incorporate the developmental education nomination process.

"This tool will provide consistencies in the force developmental process and will give the members, senior raters and career field managers an easier program to articulate and match career goals with mission requirements," said Maj. Gen. Tony Przybyslawski, AFPC commander.

Officers can access the ADP via the AFPC secure website and the Air Force portal. The ADP will be the one tool for all active duty officers and civilians to convey desired assignment, professional development, intermediate and senior developmental education, and leadership preferences to senior raters and development teams.

When development teams review Airmen careers, they will use the ADP to 'vector' Airmen into the right experiences or the right education to meet their career goals and the needs of the Air Force. Through this new system, senior raters and development teams will have access to personnel records, performance and training reports, and decoration citations online.

Employing a single-system capability, the ADP enables senior raters to better manage and nominate military and civilian personnel for command, leadership and developmental education opportunities.

"This new capability will allow Airmen and their senior leaders to better communicate career desires and close the feedback loop between the individual, senior rater and developmental team," said General Przybyslawski.

As part of the ADP implementation plan, effective Sept. 10, officers will no longer be able to access T-ODPs in Assignment Management System. Data from T-ODPs posted at AFPC will be transferred onto the ADP platform. Information in T-ODPs not received by AFPC, such as draft T-ODPs, will not transfer. Officers are highly encouraged to retain a hard copy of their current T-ODP in the event any data is lost during the transition.

The Air Force has also established a web page on the Air Force Portal where enlisted personnel can create their own development plan. The page can be accessed by typing "MyEDP" in the search function.

Here at Hill AFB, questions or concerns can be directed to the 75th Mission Support Squadron Commander, Lt. Col. Fred Thaden at 777-3230, or the Military Personnel Flight Commander, Maj. Letitia Marsh at 777-2658.