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Hill AFB seeks '2-Minute Heroes'

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- Two Minutes. What possible good could be done to help someone else in such a short period of time? The 2007 Combined Federal Campaign is doing its best to find out.

The theme for this year's CFC is "Be a 2-Minute Hero'" said Col. Anne Davis, Tooele Army Depot commander and chairperson of the 2007 Intermountain Region campaign.

"The CFC lets us be a hero everyday this year by taking two minutes to fill out your CFC pledge form."

The CFC is the only authorized solicitation of federal employees in their workplaces on behalf of charitable organizations. It is the largest and most successful workplace philanthropic fundraiser in the world. The CFC generated more than $260 million for charitable causes in 2006.

Locally, the 2006 Intermountain CFC raised more than $2.3 million from which 9,292 donors participated. Hill AFB employees raised more than $1 million which accounted for more than 45 percent of the total money raised in 2006. The employees of Hill have consistently been at the top of total donations made in the intermountain region and have generated more than $1 million in donations every year since 2003. Records from the 2006 campaign show 28.8 percent of Hill AFB employees participated in the CFC.

Another area where Hill AFB is trying to improve is in notifying its employees of the CFC. In a recent survey conducted by the Intermountain CFC, it was found that the primary reason why federal employees do not contribute is because they do not know about it.

The CFC committee's goal is to contact 100 percent of Hill AFB employees to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the campaign. Pledge forms have been distributed to CFC project officers in each organization on the base. The project officer and key workers will personally distribute the pledge forms to each individual within their organizations. This will allow all employees the opportunity to contribute.

Federal Employees can donate to the CFC by a one-time cash donation or by payroll deduction. The same form will be used for both.

An important note for this year is that the CFC has changed their coding system for the 2007 campaign. Charities are now coded under 5-digit codes. This is an important note for people who have contributed to the same causes for many years and have become accustomed to the 4-digit numbers that were used in the previously. All numbers that have been used in the past have changed, so simply imputing the same numbers as last year will result in donations not being accepted.