Peak PCS season: Here’s what you need to know

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  • Hill AFB Traffic Management Office

Each year the Department of Defense demand during peak PCS season greatly exceeds commercial industry capabilities, largely due to resource constraints.

To mitigate negative impacts on DoD families, the Air Force Joint Personal Property Shipping Offices employs all available tools and options to accommodate shipment and delivery requests.

DoD services and United States Transportation Command leaders also work with commercial industry to modify business rules, adding flexibility to achieve maximum carrier capacity.

For those projecting to PCS this year, there are some actions that can add more flexibility to your plans and help the household goods community.

Receiving your orders

Upon notification of your projected assignment, work closely with your outbound assignment counselor to obtain your orders. Once you have orders in hand, visit the TMO Personal Property Office to arrange your move and receive counsel on your available options. TMO personal property is located in building 430. TMO hours of operation are 8 a.m.-3 p.m. and appointments are not required.

Scheduling an outbound household good shipment

Currently, TMO requires four weeks to schedule a pack out. TMO recommends scheduling your move immediately upon receiving your orders to avoid delays during summer peak PCS season. If TMO is unable to secure your requested pack out dates, there are alternative options:

• Perform a partial or full Personally Procured Move, if moving within the United States.
• If moving partially, you should pack the essentials and anticipate a delay in arrival of your household goods at your next duty station.

If you would prefer not to conduct a PPM, you can:

• Explore changing your report date. For more information, please contact the Military Personnel Flight at 801-777-1661
• Appoint a releasing agent to handle your household goods on your behalf, in case your report date cannot be changed.

Note: There are restrictions on lithium batteries in household goods shipments, and no lithium batteries are authorized in non-temporary storage shipments. Review the lithium battery advisory for more information.

Scheduling an inbound household good shipment

Due to expected supply chain shortages during PCS peak season, it's possible your inbound shipment will be delayed, and if a shipment arrives and goes into storage, scheduled deliveries from storage can take six to eight weeks. However, there are actions you can take:

• For shipments that miss the requested delivery date, file an inconvenience claim with the moving agent and request them to provide recurring updates on the arrival of your household goods. See the inconvenience claims fact sheet for additional guidance.
• In addition, request the moving company to place you on a cancellation list. If there is a cancellation, you may be able to move your household goods delivery date to an earlier date.

For more information, please contact your assigned moving agent.

On-site pickup/delivery of household goods

In the event of a moving company labor shortage, the assigned moving agent may only be able to provide one or two movers per shipment. While they are normally required to arrive between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and finish a job by 9 p.m., due to the large number of shipments this season, they are sometimes unable to meet these timelines.

Please be patient.

Lastly, members can file inconvenience claims for delays in household goods pick-up or delivery. Review the inconvenience claims fact sheet for details.

For more information, contact the Hill AFB Traffic Management Office at 801-775-6841.