Congratulations ALS Class 24-C

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  • By Hill AFB Airman Leadership School

HILL AIR FORCE BASE – Airmen enrolled in Airman Leadership School Class 24-Charlie here were honored during a graduation ceremony March 29 at The Landing.

ALS is a professional military education course designed to develop Airmen into effective frontline supervisors by focusing on building communication, leadership skills and teamwork.

ALS Class 24-Charlie:

4th Fighter Generation Squadron
Staff Sergeant Nathan Brannock

151st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Michael Wiscombe

75th Force Support Squadron
Senior Airman Courtney Santiago Garcia

75th Healthcare Operations Squadron
Senior Airman Mark Lugo

75th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Staff Sergeant Michele Turner

75th Operation Medical Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Jaiil Smith

75th Operations Support Squadron
Senior Airman Sierra Culberson (Commandant Award)

86th Fighter Weapons Squadron
Senior Airman Celina Rodriguez

388th Fighter Wing
Senior Airman Zachary Rufus

388th Maintenance Squadron
Senior Airman Benjamin Cobos
Staff Sergeant Evan Jackson

388th Munitions Squadron
Senior Airman Cody Duncan (Academic Achievement & Distinguished Graduate)
Senior Airman Tre Eubanks
Senior Airman Matthew Prim
Senior Airman Sherry Taylor

388th Operations Support Squadron
Senior Airman Reginald Sykes

419th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Noel Rodriguez Alvarez

421st Fighter Generation Squadron
Senior Airman David Brown
Senior Airman Samuel Dwyer
Senior Airman Dylan Jones
Senior Airman Tyler Russell

649th Munitions Squadron
Senior Airman Conner Burke (Distinguished Graduate)
Senior Airman Victor Jeffrey (Levitow Award)

Air Force Test Center
Senior Airman Simeon Baylor
Staff Sergeant Tristan Keistler