OO-ALC In Focus: Navid Saadati

  • Published
  • By Jenny Dumpert
  • Ogden Air Logistics Complex

Meet Navid Saadati, the Lead Finance Analyst for the 309th Missile Maintenance Group (309 MMXG), who has devoted seven years to serving the government, all within the Air Force at the Ogden Air Logistics Complex. Starting his career in the 309th Aircraft Maintenance Group, Navid made a pivotal shift to the Missile Maintenance Group in 2020. This move aligned with his passion for the challenging and invigorating field of missile maintenance. When asked about his preference between aircraft and missiles, Navid enthusiastically expressed his enjoyment in both positions and each organization's exciting and challenging nature.

Navid's journey into finance was not something he had envisioned for himself initially. Born and raised in South Ogden, Utah, he embarked on this path after obtaining his bachelor's degree in accounting from Weber State University. An opportunity at Hill Air Force Base presented itself, steering him toward a role that would become his calling. Today, as the Lead Finance Analyst, Navid is responsible for developing the Production and Expense budget for the 309 MMXG at five geographically separated locations. He oversees the execution of these budgets once they are set in place. He also analyzes the production and expense-related data, tracks financial metrics, and briefs leadership on these metrics, ensuring the financial processes operate smoothly.

Despite the challenges, Navid has shown remarkable resilience, especially during a period when he was left to manage the finance team's responsibilities single-handedly for seven months. His adherence to "The Three C's" - calm, cool, and confident - played a crucial role in his success during this time. He is grateful for the learning opportunity provided by his previous Lead at MMXG, Phillip Gray, and his leadership's trust and support, which helped him navigate this challenging period. Today, Navid is supported by a robust team, emphasizing that he is no longer tackling the workload alone.

Navid's personal achievements, including earning his master's degree and purchasing his first home, stand out as milestones he is particularly proud of, with the support of his parents and sister fueling his drive to succeed. Outside of work, he enjoys basketball, both as a player and a fan, despite his allegiance to the Lakers, which has stirred some friendly rivalry among Utah's Jazz fans. Navid also cherishes time spent with friends and family and exploring Utah's landscapes with his dog, Lily.

Looking to the future, Navid aspires to further his leadership skills and aims to take on a supervisory role, confident in the growth opportunities within the government. His calm and composed demeanor, a testament to his upbringing and his parents' guidance, complements his dedication and expertise in finance and budget management. Navid's ability to overcome obstacles, collaborate effectively with his team, and maintain a steadfast and confident approach makes him an indispensable asset to the Missile Maintenance Group.