OO-ALC In Focus: Brian and Brandy Stewart

  • Published
  • By Sean Lawler
  • Ogden Air Logistics Complex

Meet the dynamic duo from the 573rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Brian & Brandy Stewart, a husband-and-wife team with a shared passion for aviation and strong sense of patriotism. For the last two years, Brandy and Brian have been working together in the same shop as aircraft electricians for the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The couple, who both hail from Ogden, originally met in 2005 and together they have two beautiful daughters, ages 6 and 9, who are their inspiration.

Despite their shared professional lives, Brian and Brandy have different tastes in music. While working in the shop, Brandy is fond of 90s music, while Brian prefers his metal. Yet, they find common ground during breaks and lunchtime, cherishing these moments together amidst their busy workdays. Another interesting connection in their lives is their affiliation with twins. Brian himself is a twin and his father is a fraternal twin, while Brandy’s parents are also twins, with her mother being identical and her father fraternal. It's a remarkable twist of fate that ties them even closer together.

Brandy has an impressive four years of experience with the Air Force, all of which have been spent at the OO-ALC. She is an expert in the field of the F-16 engine bay/wheel well and serves as a subject matter expert in her shop. When she is not at work, Brandy indulges in her passion for fishing and boasts about catching a 27 pound mackinaw, which she threw back because “it was not trophy size.” Additionally, she is a dedicated mother to her children and three dogs, and firmly believes in the motto "Keep it real" and helping others in any way possible.

Brian has two years of experience with the Air Force, which have also been spent at OO-ALC. Prior to joining the Air Force, he worked as an assistant manager in the automotive industry. His departure from his previous employer led to the sale of the shop as the owner did not wish to continue without Brian on his team. Outside of work, Brian is an avid griller, having owned six grills at one point. He also enjoys bow hunting, and eagerly awaits the day when his daughters will be old enough to accompany him on his hunting trips. Similar to his wife, Brian firmly believes in the “Golden Rule” and helping others whenever possible.

Both have a deep love for their jobs as aircraft electricians. They consider their work important and take pride in knowing that they contribute to the successful flights of F-16s. Brian's best memory at work involves stripping an aircraft, making necessary modifications, and watching it take off into the sky, knowing he played a vital part in the process.  Brian said that “it’s important work that makes you care a lot for your job.”  For Brandy, her work is not just a job, but a meaningful mission that evokes a strong sense of patriotism.

Brian and Brandy Stewart are a remarkable duo, sharing a deep passion for their work and an unbreakable bond as a married couple. Their love transcends any professional differences and extends to their family, their profession, and their shared commitment to helping others. Through their hard work, dedication, and strong moral values, they have forged a harmonious partnership that serves as an inspiration to us all.