Personal Transportation Device safety

  • Published
  • By 75th Air Base Wing Safety Office

Hill Air Force Base – Over the past two years Personal Transportation Devices have become extremely popular at Hill AFB. Some examples of PTDs are electric scooters and bikes and skateboards.

Electric scooters and bikes can be rented on the installation and many of our Airmen are operating their own PTDs traveling to and from the installation. 

While PTDs are fun, convenient and relatively easy to use, there are requirements everyone on the installation must adhere to as dictated by DAFI 91-207 and the Installation Policy Letter for Electronic Scooter/Bike.

Please follow these requirements when operating a PTD on the installation:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear retroreflective outer garments at times of darkness
  • Do not ride on roadways with a speed limit of 25 or higher
  • Do not ride with passengers

We understand the convenience and fun that comes with operating these PTDs but please operate them safely.