OO-ALC In Focus: Jessica Soltero

  • Published
  • Ogden Air Logistics Complex

Jessica Soltero is a machinist with the Ogden Air Logistics Complex's 532nd Commodities Maintenance Squadron. She refurbishes warped and misshapen C-5 pistons with a honing machine.

Jessica came to the ALC in July, leaving behind a job grooming dogs for a job grooming aircraft parts. She said working in the ALC provides more growth opportunities than being a dog groomer. 

"I am happy I made the change because the team I am on is amazing, and learning all about aircraft has been awesome," she said. 

She said she was attracted to machinery because she's into cars and LEGO bricks. She said learning aircraft maintenance has been very interesting, but not much like working with LEGO, like a recruiter led her to believe. She is excited to be learning something new, as she has been been grooming dogs for the past decade, although she hasn't been able to give up grooming entirely.

"I still groom on the side," she said. "Some of my regular clients were sad to see me leave so I couldn't quit. Grim, one of my regular dogs, was so excited to see me, he raced to me and jumped up and gave me a kiss, then raced to my table. Those moments are priceless to me. It's the best feeling as a groomer to see excitement in a dog's eyes and watch their body wiggle with excitement."

When Jessica isn't honing pistons or grooming dogs, she can be found reading, hiking or working on cars. She also enjoys going to art shows and festivals.