Subsidy program offers financial assistance to parents

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  • 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Utah's Childcare Subsidy Program stands as a vital support system for parents, foster parents, approved relatives, and legal guardians who require assistance in securing quality childcare for their children under the age of 13. This program is designed to ensure that families have access to reliable and affordable childcare, allowing parents to maintain their employment and provide for their families. 

Qualification Criteria

To qualify for Utah's Childcare Subsidy Program, members must meet specific eligibility criteria based on household size and monthly income. Here are the key qualifications:

  1. Relationship to the Child: Members must be the parent, foster parent, approved relative, or legal guardian of the child in need of childcare.
  2. Income Limits: Eligibility is determined by the household's size and monthly income. The larger the household, the higher the income limit for receiving Child Care assistance. See examples:
    1. example, a single senior airman with one child could qualify with countable income of $3492 per month
    2. example, dual-military staff sergeants with two kids could qualify with total countable income less than $6635 a month
    3. example, a master sergeant with a civilian spouse and four kids could qualify with total countable income less than $8759 a month
  3. Approved Provider: Members must choose an approved childcare provider for their children.

How to Apply

Applying for Utah's Childcare Subsidy Program is a straightforward process. Here's how to get started:

  1. Online Application: Members can apply online through the Utah Department of Workforce Services website at
  2. Screening and Verification: After submitting an application, an eligibility worker will review the application. Applicants will receive a verification checklist outlining the necessary documents and a deadline to provide these items.

Selecting an Eligible Provider

Choosing an eligible childcare provider is an essential step in utilizing the subsidy program. Here's how members can select a provider:

  1. Provider Search: Members can search for eligible providers through the Care About Childcare website at This platform provides a comprehensive list of providers, making it easier to find one that suits their needs.
  2. Availability and Subsidy Eligibility: A cursory search revealed that within a 10-mile radius of Hill Air Force Base, there were 183 providers, with 126 of them having current vacancies and being subsidy-eligible.
  3. Negotiating Terms: Members should directly negotiate the start date and fees with the chosen childcare provider.
  4. Reporting Selection: It's crucial to report the selection of a childcare provider on to ensure seamless communication and subsidy payments.

Provider Payments and Renewal

Understanding how payments work and the renewal process is essential for members using Utah's Childcare Subsidy Program:

  1. Payment Process: Payments are made directly to the selected childcare provider each month. However, it's important to note that the maximum subsidy amount may not cover the total childcare expenses, and members may need to pay the difference out-of-pocket.
  2. Reevaluation: DWS will reevaluate childcare benefits every 12 months to ensure that the assistance aligns with the changing needs and circumstances of the family.

For additional information and resources related to Utah's Childcare Subsidy Program, visit Utah Department of Workforce Services Child Care Services.