Airmen gather to pick up litter along Highway 193 near Hill AFB

  • Published
  • 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
As part of an effort to beautify areas along the base’s perimeter fence on Highway 193 in Layton, base employees spent some time May 4 removing the litter that accumulated there during the long winter.

Trash at this specific site is a safety hazard to the base’s aircraft with the potential for debris to hop the fence and end up on the airfield where aircraft are operating. In addition to beautifying the area, removing the trash in along the fence line served to protect our nation’s fighter jets and other aircraft.

“This cleanup is important in protecting our aircraft, but we also want to be good neighbors, and this is an opportunity for us do something that also benefits the community,” said Lt. Col. Fred Backhus, 75th Air Base Wing safety director.

Motorists using the highway, including those who are hauling garbage to the nearby Davis County Landfill, are encouraged to help keep the area clean by tightly securing their loads so no trash escapes and ends up on the fence, or worse, on the airfield.