Airman's Attic
The Hill AFB Airman's Attic hours of operations for January 2013.
Airman's Attic - Hours of operation for January 2013

Hill AFB Airman's Attic

12/27/2012 - HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- All sorts of useful items can be found in the base's Airman's Attic.

Located at the Airman and Family Readiness Center (Bldg. 150), across the street from the Base Exchange, the Airman's Attic is place junior enlisted Airmen (E-5 and below) and their families can go to acquire donated goods.

Goods range from baby supplies to military uniforms. Items are generally second hand, but are gently used. Best of all, the items are free.

The second and fourth Thursday of each month are known as all-ranks-days. On these days, any Airmen (E-6 and above) can use the Airman's Attic.

As a consideration, Airmen who use the Airman's Attic on all-ranks-days should bring a non-perishable food item or a Commissary gift card to donate to Hill's food pantry.

For more information, call the Airman's Attic at 801-586-2699.