Path to NSPS Performance Results

  • Published
  • By Elise C. Kidd
  • Human Resource Specialist Force Sustainment Personnel Directorate
NSPS performance ratings and payout results for 2007 were completed in January 2008 after several months of pay pool processing. Just over 2,000 Ogden Air Logistics Center employees from 11 different pay pools completed their first rating cycle under the new system on Sep. 30, 2007. Supervisors rated their employees in October, and by mid month a lengthy pay pool process had begun. Following sub pay pool and main pay pool processes, the Pay Pool Managers from across the Center held crosstalk meetings to ensure all were utilizing tools like the DoD-wide thresholds in a similar manner. Following a final review by the Performance Review Board of Authorities, the ratings, shares and distribution of pay pool funds were finalized. The process is a major change for management, one that is time and labor intensive when it comes to making meaningful distinctions in performance levels and communicating them to employees.

In the end, nearly 100 percent of OO-ALC employees were rated successful, which is similar to prior years, and 2.2 shares were awarded on average. Approximately 66 percent of those were rated level 3, Valued Performer; 32% were rated level 4, Exceeds Expectations; and 2% were rated 5, Role Model. The value per share on average was 2.14 percent of the employee's basic salary. The funds were distributed in the form of salary increases, bonuses, or a combination of both. The average payout this year was $3,000.00.

The performance payout occurred at the same time as government-wide pay increases, some of which was included in pay pool funding. The balance, also paid to employees, was 1.5 percent in salary increases and approximately .54 percent in local market supplement increases (locality pay for Rest of U.S.).

Performance plans for the new rating cycle are already in place, and not long from now employees will receive interim feedback about their performance. Over the next few years, performance expectations will become more ingrained in our culture and the impact of our pay-for-performance system should be more prominent.

On the horizon, we expect to be reporting some changes to the NSPS system based on the recently adopted National Defense Authorization Act. Among the changes will be the inclusion of General Schedule employees in NSPS; however, no specific dates have been provided at this time.