• Published
  • By Lt. Col. Debra North
  • 368th Recruiting Squadron commander
Have you ever wondered what today's Air Force has to offer people? Here are
some questions you need to ask yourself or those young Americans who could
be a part of our Air Force family. Would you like to be a part of something
very respected? Further your education? Gain experience in a job or
training for some particular skill? People join the United States Air Force
for many reasons, do any of these fit you or someone you know?

The United States Air Force is hiring! In fact, this year over 30,000
qualified men and women will join the ranks and become Airmen in the world's
best Air Force. We have over 140 specialties and excellent technical
schools and training programs. In addition, the Air Force has the Community
College of the Air Force. This college is the world's largest accredited
community college. Once you become an Airman in the Air Force, you are
automatically enrolled; you are a college student who is not only bringing
home a paycheck but you are earning college credits from the various
training courses you receive. Your road to an associate's degree begins
with credit earned from basic military training and technical school
instruction. Since April 1977, over 320,000 associate in applied science
degrees have been awarded to Airmen around the world.

Every day, Air Force recruiting squadrons across the country help quality
men and women join the America's Air Force. The outstanding men and women
in these squadrons recruit the brightest applicants possible and work with
them to find the best fit based on their desires and their qualifications.
The Air Force Recruiting Service is committed to ensuring your Air Force is
composed of highly-qualified Airmen from all walks of life, all races and
ethnic backgrounds. This diversity makes us strong and enables us to
maintain our warfighting dominance in the air, space and cyberspace.

Every job in America's Air Force is important, every link in the chain
dependent upon the next. Some of these links require a level of
qualification beyond that of other jobs and once selected, receive special
training. These fields have a higher priority for our recruiters. Among
these jobs are people qualified for special operations missions, such as
pararescue and combat control. Also in this distinct and highly sought
after pool of applicants are physicians, nurses, dentists, engineers,
linguists, and security forces. If you have ever wondered about a job in
one of these or any other area in the Air Force, you owe it to yourself to
check it out. Talk with an Air Force recruiter and learn more about the
opportunities we have for qualified men and women.

Come join the men and women in blue; receive training, acquire job
experience, obtain financial stability, and serve your country. To find out
whether a career in the United States Air Force is right for you, check out
the official recruiting website at: WWW.AIRFORCE.COM.