Excellence In All We Do

  • Published
  • By MSgt John Deegan
  • CEG 1st Shirt
The Air Force core value "Excellence In All We Do" doesn't afford us an option of when to give 100 percent, but demands that we give our very best, everyday, in everything we do. It extends beyond our primary job. It must include the manner in which we wear our uniforms, the way we conduct and carry ourselves, and the quality of work we put into every single thing we do.

Excellence can be thought of as the tactic that drives how we operate. It is the development of a passion for continuous improvement. Whenever we walk into our workplace, whether in a hangar at home station or an observation tower in Iraq or Afghanistan, we simply must do our best. Everyone contributes and every discipline matters.

As the nation's vanguards and keepers of freedom, we must relentlessly seek, demand and embrace excellence in all we do; it's our duty and we cannot wish to do less. Our country, our leaders, and our calling demand this dedication from each of us.