Personal courage

  • Published
  • By MSgt. Barbara Wood
  • First Sergeant, 75th Logistics Readiness Squadron
The recently published version of AFPAM 36-2241, the Professional Development Guide, defines personal courage as being about "standing up and doing what's right even at the risk to one's career."

This definition refers in part to not allowing or condoning unacceptable behavior whether it's standards violations such as smoking in non-smoking areas or serious crimes such as drug use or sexual assault. These behaviors, whether learned of accidently or by hearing the boasts of others, should not be ignored. It is our duty as airmen to address these issues by confronting them directly or bringing them to the attention of our superiors.

The public holds the Air Force institution in high regard due largely to the upstanding men and women who make up our ranks. Allowing unacceptable behavior only serves to degrade the good order and discipline of our units, which makes us less effective, increases costs, puts others in harm's way or unhealthy situations, and ultimately lowers our standing in the eyes of our fellow citizens.

Exercising personal courage exemplifies what Airmanship is all about and goes a long way toward ensuring the integrity of the Air Force remains above reproach. Do not be afraid to exercise personal courage when warranted, the continued effectiveness of our great Air Force and its people depends on it!