Supervisors: Know your Airmen!

  • Published
  • By MSgt. Kevin Barstow
  • 388th Component Maintenance Squadron
One of the most important things a supervisor can do is getting to know your airmen. Not only on a professional level to know what training your airmen need and what tasks they are able to perform, but also on a personal level. It's important to know if your airmen have a spouse and children. You need this information to make sure that your airman is ready and able to take care of them - with and without their presence.

It's important to know what hobbies your airmen participate in during off-duty time. That will tell you if your airman is being safe or if they are at risk for injuries. Do your airmen participate in physical training? If not, it may mean trouble in the future for not meeting fitness standards. Are your airmen getting involved in the community? Are they doing anything for self-improvement? Do your airmen have an issue they need help with? What are the goals of your airmen?

There are too many things to list that you should know about your Airmen to list them all, but with a little time and effort you can get to know your airmen and I guarantee it'll help you both in the long run.