During the ORI--you're in charge

  • Published
  • By Col. Patrick C. Higby
  • 75th Air Base Wing and Installation Commander
You're in charge! Not the words most of you hear every day, but our Inspector General teams start arriving today to put Team Hill through the paces for our Operational Readiness Inspection. Though not actual combat, it is not unlike a major military operation: Colonels and generals develop an elaborate plan, the plan falls apart upon first contact with the enemy, and the battle's outcome is determined by the actions and initiative of the most junior and most unlikely heroes on the team. Likewise, ORI victory starts with you -- we need you to take charge of your mission, your facilities, your neighborhood, your wingmen and your installation.

As we step off to war and turn the reins of the ORI over to each of you, here is the "commander's intent" to help guide you through the fog and friction of the ORI:

-Make a good first impression by being proud, passionate and professional -- show off with tidy facilities, updated bulletin boards, and appropriate use of personal protective equipment.

-Maintain a positive attitude even when inconvenienced.

-Show a sense of urgency --- demonstrate energetic compliance.

-Know the key dates: Nov. 1-3 is the most likely timeframe for in-garrison emergency response events ... all Giant Voice announcements during that time must be heeded by everyone on base including civilians, retirees, visitors, non-Air Force members and dependents.

-Despite ongoing upgrades we've already made to Giant Voice, Phase II Giant Voice transmissions (most likely occurring Nov. 4-5) can be heard beyond Phase II play areas but only apply to Phase II participants who are "deployed" to an overseas base.

-Pass the word when a response is required: Don't assume others in earshot heard/understood Giant Voice or got the network pop-up.

-Know how to act during the four most common in-garrison emergency scenarios: facility evacuation, shelter-in-place, active shooter lock-down and Force Protection Condition changes.

-Treat the ORI as the No. 1 priority -- Nov. 1-5 is not "business as usual" for Team Hill.

-Respond and report: Respond to any IG inject and then upchannel what occurred via your chain of command or nearest authority.

-Remain professional when interacting with our IG -- they work and train as hard as we do and deserve our respect.

-If you're not sure what's going on, ask!

-If you see a problem, something out of place, a process which you know is wrong, you are in charge -- fix it or get help!

Team Hill excels each and every day in organizing, training, equipping and deploying warrior Airmen; running the most effective and efficient Depot; reinvigorating our nuclear enterprise; responding to myriad real world emergencies; and conducting any number of other missions essential for our national defense. This ORI is our opportunity to prove it! I'm proud to serve beside every person on this base. You're in charge!