Four simple words form meaningful phrases

  • Published
  • By Col. Joe Wercinski
  • OO-ALC Chief, Space & C3I Division
"Thank you" ..."you're appreciated." Although sometimes it may seem during these very busy periods of the year that the only thing that seems to be a constant in our Air Force is "change," the Christian Science Monitor reported in an Oct. 27 article that the Air Force ranked first in a recent survey as the most "blissful" place to work within the Department of Defense. According to the article, this No. 1 ranking was based on the positive responses to growth opportunities, benefits, work-life balance and other factors. Some of the other intangible factors I believe that propelled our great Air Force to the No. 1 rating is the kindness, respect and caring we express and demonstrate to each other. Even though change may be difficult for some of us, knowing that we have team members that we can count on provides us the opportunity to create our own blissful workplace, we only need to embrace the camaraderie we can provide each other and nurture it for all to enjoy and take comfort in. Time and time again, climate surveys have identified that along with a good work environment, recognition for a job well done or being recognized as a valuable team contributor comes up as one of the most important factors managers, supervisors and leaders can do to improve and sustain workforce morale. Recognition does not always have to take the form of an object, prize or certificate though, for what I've come to know is that a public "thank you" or "you're appreciated" produces mile-wide smiles that then permeate the whole organization.

"Thank you" ..."you're appreciated." On Nov. 30, the Air Force Personnel, Services and Manpower Public Affairs issued a news release titled, "Survey critical in addressing quality of life needs" (Release No. 221) announcing "The 2010 Caring for People Survey." This year's survey, which builds off the 2008 survey, is to include civilians, spouses and retirees for the first time to ensure the needs of the total Air Force community are captured. The survey began Dec. 1 and is being sent out via e-mail notifications. Officials are working with major command and base officials to reach out to families and retirees. When given the opportunity to participate in this survey, please take the few minutes it will take to complete, your responses could very well be key to addressing quality-of-life needs and improvements. So in advance of your participation, dedication and support of our world class Air Force team, I say, "Thank you" ..."you're appreciated."

"Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win!"